Planet “X” The 9th Planet – Scientist Giving Indications And Clues of 9th Planet

Mamta Panda
Mamta Panda
Planet X The 9th Planet

The technical advances of recent years have not stopped in the field of astronomy. Gigantic discoveries such as the first photo of the black hole, show that there are still numerous unexplored objects and phenomena in our universe. According to extrapolations by astrophysicists, there are probably as many as one hundred billion galaxies in space and an equally large number of planets in the milky way alone, whose existence we have not yet learned of.

The section of the universe which humans can see resembles a tiny puzzle piece, which has been put together by researchers for centuries, piece by piece. Not even the solar system known to us has been completely explored as can be seen from the discovery of the possible dwarf planet far out only two years ago or the discussion about the gas in the atmosphere of Venus, which could indicate life.

For several years researchers have also speculated about the possibility of another planet in our solar system, since Pluto’s planetary status was revoked, eight more have been counted among them.

The latest research results from California should give astronomy enthusiasts cause for excitement.  There is actually a mathematical proof for the ninth planet in our solar system.

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In the history of astronomy, one planet has been predicted before it was finally proven, through observation with a telescope, this was the blue gas giant Neptune. Whose position was predicted by mathematical calculations in September  1846, by the Frenchman Urban Lavalier, based on orbital perturbations observed with Uranus?

In modern times there have also been speculations for some time that there could be an unknown ninth planet in our solar system, which have been christened with the research title planet  X.

Before the discovery of  Pluto, there were already in the 19th century, first speculations that an object must exist beyond Neptune. In the meantime, there was even talk about up to three other planets, for some time these opinions remained without proof .

The two scientists named Constantine J Battigan and Michael E Brown from the technical university of California a top university in the field of engineering and natural sciences has now finally presented mathematical evidence that the said ninth planet must exist.

What is planet X all about?

Planet X is a hypothetical planet that orbits far beyond the dwarf planet Pluto, which is why it used to be called transplant, the two researchers assume that the object must have a mass of 10 piles of earth and has an extremely long orbit around the Sun, while our earth’s orbits the sun in 365 days, planet X would need at least 10000 and in extreme cases up to 20,000 earth years. For comparison, the planet Neptune which is the farthest from the Sun takes about 165 earth years to complete an orbit, while Mercury does it in a marathon like 88 days.

The two astrophysicists from California got on the path to test this hypothesis, and are still working on the same assuming there may be a ninth planet and maybe it will then have a name and will the family of planets.

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