Perfect Tips For Planning a Romantic Getaway

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Romantic Getaway

Going off on a romantic getaway is something every couple should do occasionally for some quality time. It brings you closer together and can be a lot of fun; when it’s done well. But if it goes poorly you could find yourself regretting the trip and wishing you’d done a movie weekend at home instead. These tips will help you to enjoy a romantic getaway without stress.

Do: Choose Somewhere You Will Both Like

Try to pick somewhere that matches both of your interests. If you’re a sporty person but your significant other prefers food and fine wine, a difficult hiking trip will just cause frustrations. While it’s nice to try something new, a romantic trip probably isn’t the time to go off and get too far out of your respective comfort zones. Scotland can be a great place to go at the moment, especially if you’re looking for a staycation. If you take a quick look you can easily find gorgeous St Andrews hotel deals.

Don’t: Leave Things to Chance

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Make sure things are as romantic as possible by calling the hotel in advance and asking them to leave some little extras. Many hotels will leave champagne, flowers, or chocolates in a room as a special treat and if you’re lucky (or have status) you could get a free upgrade too!

Do: Discuss Important Issues Before You Go

Have the talk about budgets, must-see locations, and expectations about device use before you leave. This means you won’t find yourself frustrated if your expectations don’t line up. Once you’ve got those things worked out you’ll be free to relax and enjoy the time that you spend together fully. Yes, even spontaneity can require some planning.

 Don’t: Leave Your Makeover Until You’re on The Road

If you want to look your best while you’re away, do as much of the personal grooming stuff as you can before you leave. This will help you feel as confident as possible and remove the possibility of any stress while you’re away. Yes, there are showers in the hotel, but it can be stressful to realize you left your razors or body lotion behind, and who wants to waste ages trying to dye their hair when they’re away from home?

Do: Take Some Romantic Luxuries

While the trip itself isn’t the time for waxing your bikini line or dying your hair, it is a good time for a bubble bath and a nice massage. Pack some candles, perfume, and other little treats, along with a nice little black dress or something else you feel confident in. Make sure you get some romantic quality time together.

Don’t: Remember It’s OK to Have Quiet Time

Spend some of your time during the holiday off doing things by yourself. Even when you’re away as a couple you’ll want to have a little ‘me time, and it will make the time you do spend together even more special.

Do: Be Flexible

Accept that no matter how well you plan things, sometimes fate gets in the way. Be flexible and find the humor in when things go wrong.

Don’t: Neglect Treats and Gifts

There’s no need to spend a fortune on gifts because the getaway is a treat by itself, but try to find something special to give your OH while you’re away. A little memento will help them remember the holiday for a long time to come.

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