New Facebook Group Features for Increasing Engagement have been Revealed

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

At the Facebook Communities Summit on October 20th 2022 Facebook unveiled a slew of new upcoming features

At the Facebook Communities Summit on October 20th, 2022, Facebook unveiled a slew of new upcoming features. Reels for Groups, expanded Group admin features, and additional Instagram integrations are among the highlights.

Facebook’s feature updates continue to emphasise engagement with a focus on Groups in particular.

The following is a summary of the announcements made at the 6th annual Facebook Communities Summit

Group Reels

According to Facebook “Reels in Groups let you express your voice in your communities through creative and immersive videos”.

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Group members will soon be able to upload and share video Reels directly in their Group. Users will also be able to add filters, audio, and text overlays to the Reels they post.

Sharing Facebook Event via IG

Group administrators will be able to share Facebook Events from their groups directly to their Instagram accounts. “This feature can help you showcase your community to a broader audience,” Facebook says.

The ability to cross-post events to Instagram could allow Groups to reach a larger audience outside of it. This could be an excellent way to expand Groups and entice users to return to Facebook.

Group profiles which are Expanded

Group Profiles will soon be able to add more information in the About Me sections, and a “Open to Messaging” tag is in the works as well.

It also revealed a slew of new features for administrators, stating that “Admins now have new tools to help them effectively manage and drive their group’s culture forward in engaging, useful, and responsible ways”.

Assistance for Admin

This feature will make administration tasks more efficient and straightforward. Administrators must define a set of parameters for automated moderation. Once these parameters are set, moderation occurs automatically.

Parameters control how false information is handled, such as whether it is automatically deleted or moved to pending review.

A Daily Digest report will also be included with Admin Assist. The report provides admins with a summary of all automated actions performed during the day based on the Group’s criteria.

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