Neeraj Dhanetwal one of younger sensation Inspiring Young minds to showcase their talent on digital social Media

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Neeraj Dhanetwal


The journey of success cannot begin in one day or end in one day. It is the continuous efforts made by the person It all started when this young entrepreneur was determined to showcase his obsession over making India and YOUTH WORTY of technology We have come across many inspiring stories of many success full persons. This is about NEERAJ DHANETWAL a passionnant Developer. He got in this field in the year of 2010,Digital marketing is a huge thing, and restricting it to certain fixed areas will not be the right thing practice. He believes taht every digital marketer has their successs tips and tricks, and he fallows the path of consistency, dedication, knowledge, and right guidance .Neeraj says, ”I cannot claim to know everything, but surely I can share something that will be valuable in your context”.The most attractive man is a hard working man – Neeraj concludes He says there is no beginning when you are focused on your goal. He emphasizes more on conquering the zeal to accept this as your career. Do not take it if you are not sure about it will demand great patience ,and only contented mind can have a bright future in digital marketing.

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