Mother-Son Partnership Flourishes as eagle visionx

Chris Steward
Chris Steward
eagle visionx

If you hear “Hey, Mom!” at an Office in Kolkata, it may not be coming from a customer.  It is just as likely being said behind the desk, as RajatAroraand his mother, AlkaArora, own the renowned online optical store The collaboration of a mother’s experience and a son’s creativity made it happen. Building a functional website which usually takes a team of 10 to 15, was single handily created by the duo sitting at home during the lockdown. Now the customers can easily browse at the convenience of their homes and buy high-quality eyewear at relatively cheaper prices than other websites and offline stores.

The mother-son entrepreneurial team has taken an unconventional path to conversion of their successful offline Optical business, to building a strong online presence that has flourished along the way while being popular in their customer’s community.

In March 2020, when shops got closed due to the lockdown his customers frequently contacted him. After initially trying to serve them he couldn’t do it as everything was closed. Rajat realized he needed a new direction for his concept:


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As he explored options for new ways to reach his customers, Rajat would talk to his mother for advice.  AlkaArorawho had previous digital experience 25 years ago but now mostly she had been a stay-at-home lady while also operating two home-based businesses.  As Alka encouraged her son to build a website, their conversation turned to them becoming business partners.  Although neither of them knew much about the module from an age or experience perspective, they felt the timing was right and that owning a website together would be a perfect opportunity to serve their customers.

After a lengthy build-out process filled with permitting delays and problems in their development, the two opened their store in 2020.  They credited the information online that provided guidance and resources as an important part of getting their business up and running.

“We wanted to serve our customers. We didn’t want them to spend extra money on substandard glasses just because they couldn’t make it to our store. We wanted to provide them the ‘eagle vision’ quality products at the usual price, for a value which wouldn’t pinch their pocket in this pandemic situation.” said Rajat Arora

The partners learned many lessons in their first months of ownership, which included attracting new customers, reaching old customers, and building their website in the shortest span of time.

They first needed to introduce to customers throughout India, as the Company was less known to markets other than Eastern India.  From there, Rajat and Alka made sure to provide excellent service and build relationships through various community outreach programs.

“Now anyone pan India can visit our website and go through our products, virtually try them, upload their prescription and very simply buy a pair of specs online without any confusions with a trust of great quality at the best price,” said AlkaArora.


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