Money Heist Season 5: Tatiana and Alicia Theory That Has Everyone Doubtful

Enola Garcia
Enola Garcia

Money Heist is finishing the production of its season 5 for the Netflix platform, so fans have been creating different theories about it. But, one of those that has been drawing attention is Tatiana ( Diana Gómez ) as a key piece for the robbery.

Some behind-the-scenes photos have reportedly confirmed that Berlin ( Pedro Alonso ) will have more of his backstory explored in the upcoming season, following his death at the end of season two.

His fate has yet to be confirmed, although many fans have speculated that he may have been in the plans thanks to his close relationship with Berlin’s half-brother, the Professor ( Álvaro Morte ).

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Season 5 could also unlock Berlin and Tatiana’s connection to Alicia, finally explaining why the disgraced inspector is so hell-bent on ending them. But, what fans think of Tatiana and Alicia is the most intriguing.

While Berlin has not been officially part of the team since his death at the end of the first heist, his presence has still been felt throughout the remainder of the series.

Let’s remember that Pedro Alonso has already been seen several times on the set of the new season of Money Heist, so the version of Tatiana and Alicia as a sister, will still have to do with his Berlin. We will certainly see more flashbacks.

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