Modi Govt’s Next Step Towards Make In India – Approaches Tesla

Mamta Panda
Mamta Panda
Elon Musk And PM Modi -Tesla

We are eagerly waiting for Tesla to officially get establish in India. As per sources, the negotiations about Elon Musk’s Tesla is waited with flabbergasted by the automobile experts, Modi government from their side has clarified that Tesla i.e US-based electric car manufacturer and producer should get establish their mega factory in India for its expanded and large global plan of action.

Although there are some negotiation issues , one of the major issues is regarding the high import duties on electric vehicles, as it is resulting in very high rates of cars which is kind of unimaginable. As stated by PTI, the center has made it very clear that the government is in the mood to give any of such concessions to any of the auto firms.

About the issues, the Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises had already put up the details in a meeting which happened earlier in the month. The ministry has also requested Tesla’s view on importing fully built cars in opposition to partially built cars, which will lessen the import duty.

Earlier this year, Tesla’s efforts to sell its electric cars in India got into vain due to the high taxes got on the imported vehicles. According to current import duty is applied to vehicles priced below 40.000 dollars is 60 percent, and 100 percent for any vehicle pricing above 40,000 dollars.

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The Manufacturer of Tesla has appealed to the government earlier this year in July, requesting for lesser import duty to 40 percent from the current 60 percent. Also, the company has asked for 10 percent social welfare on all the imported cars.

The Ministry of Heavy Industries has clarified that providing duty welfare to the electric vehicle company will disregard other companies that have already invested billions of dollars in India, and are selling their manufactured vehicles domestically.

Although to make a step towards “Make in India”, the center has already asked Tesla the electric vehicle company to start their first production in India

According to information and particulars stated by Centre-controlled Vahan Sewa, Tesla has already secured permissions for four of its model’s versions. Also, Tesla has completed and is in the homologation stage of the four vehicles.

However it is not mentioned which models, but some of its models have already been tested on Indian roads.

Tesla has requested a discount on import duties on electrical autos (EVs) in India. In July, Elon Musk using his Twitter handle tweeted that short-term tariff aid for electrical autos. Musk had mentioned that Tesla needs to launch its vehicles quickly in India, however, Indian ‘import duties are the very best on the earth by far of any massive nation!’.

We all hope that Tesla arrives in India and gets established, which will fulfill our step towards making in India. Tesla electric vehicles will bring a great change in our country, and our economic value may raise. All negotiation issues are in the process to be sorted soon and the 4 models are yet to be tried in Indian Roads. Tesla will be welcomed soon.

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