Laddu Distribution Scheme Launched By Amit Shah in Gandhi Nagar

Navneet S Karnani
Navneet S Karnani
Amit Shah Laddu Distribution Scheme

Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Monday launched a nutritious “Laddu Distribution Scheme” for pregnant women in his parliamentary constituency Gandhinagar. Around 7,000 pregnant women will be provided 15 nutritious laddus each free of cost every month till the birth of their child, through NGOs. Launching the scheme, the Minister said it is his responsibility to ensure that there should not be a single mother and child who remain under-nourished in his constituency area. He said women need a nutritious diet most when pregnant and a laddu contains protein, ghee, vitamins and it can be eaten throughout in a month.

He said no country can move forward if its children and their mothers are not healthy and strong physically. According to him, PM Modi had launched a Nutrition Mission from Rajasthan in 2018 to providing nutritious food to children and pregnant women which is being replicated across the country now. As many as 18 Ministries have come forward to join the Poshan Abhiyan or Nutrition Mission. Besides the government, local NGOs are involved in food preparation and distribution to the beneficiaries.

Amit Shah was in Gujarat for three days to take stock of the development works in his constituency and attend the celebrations of Krishna Jayanti. In Ahmedabad, he attended meetings at the Municipal Corporation and also the Collector office to discuss development works. He directed the officials to ensure speed in vaccination in the areas which fall under his Lok Sabha seat.

All BJP leaders are gearing up for the same as next year is the state election. He has ordered all the MPs from the state to take a stock of the work done in their constituency and submit a report of that to him. He will be personally heading the campaigns as Narendra Modi will have a tough time in 2022 as 9 state elections beckon. Amit Shah has decided to shoulder some of that responsibility on his shoulders as Mr. Modi alone can’t do it all.

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He was in Gandhi Nagar for the Janmashtami celebrations. The entire state of Gujarat celebrates the festival with great joy as Lord Krishna resided in the city of Dwarka in Gujarat. There are many other pilgrimage places in the state and he has shared videos of many of such places. He also voiced out against Uddhav Thackery who has banned Dahi Handi in Maharashtra to avoid mass gatherings. Maharashtra in recent times has again started having Covid cases and to make sure that the state doesn’t go to lock down anymore the government has taken that decision.

His decision has been criticized by many leaders as they felt that the vaccination is going well and that the festival season has just begun. Ganesh Chaturthi is there next month and then there are hoards of festivals. It’s imperative that he can’t ban gatherings on all as all others states are more or less open. Maharashtra still has strict protocols in place and it looks like it will take some time before normalcy is back in the state.

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