Know Why Konark Temple sculptures Famous For?

Navneet S Karnani
Navneet S Karnani
Konark Temple

The Konark temple is a fantastic place to visits in India. It was constructed in 13h-century CE. The temple is build-up in the dedication of Hindu Sun God Surya. The word Konark represents the corner and Sun. It is the Sanskrit word in which Kona means corner and Arka means Sun and altogether is known as Konark.

Konark is the place where the fight between Tughan Khan and Narsimhadeva occurred, and after this fight, a Kirti stamp was developed as a victory memory. The architecture of this temple is so stunning that it reflects religious significance. More than 1200 artisans have contributed to the development of this temple, and it has taken the time of 12 years to get developed. This temple’s design is in the chariot shape that reflects that seven horses are carrying the god Surya with 12 wheels.

This Konark temple is becoming a landmark for the European Sailors. They gave a name to this place “the Black Pagoda. Mythological people believe that Samba, the son of Lord Krishna suffered from leprosy. To find the solution to this illness, Samba did severe austerities in Chandrabhaga River at Konark. This has made Lord Surya happy, and he got relief from the skill ailments. As a positive gesture and honor towards Lord Krishna, this temple was build-up by the Samba.

The walls of the Konark temple are showing amazing artwork. Many images of musicians, sculptures of Hindu deities can be shown on these walls. Many of the artwork and images were preserved, and some of the sculptures were removed.  The temple is constructed with the famous Kalinga architecture.

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This architecture style has an orientation towards the east; that is why the sun rays strike this temple’s main entrance. Khondalite rocks are used for the building of this place. Konark temple is included in the UNESCO World Heritage site. The seven horses of this temple show the week and wheels indicate the months. Eight spokes in this temple represent the day-cycle.

This kind of architecture describes the control of the Sun on time. The geometrical pattern and carved wheels have made this place unique and popular. From a different direction, one can see the different images of the god. Konark Temple‘s erotic sculptures and mythical creatures have gained the attention of many archaeologists.

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