Know More About Nachiyar Koil And Kal Garuda History, Timing, Believes

Navneet S Karnani
Navneet S Karnani
Nachiyar Koil

The Nachiyar Koil is located in Thirunarayur. It is among the most popular temple in Tamil Nadu Temple. The temple is also popular with the name Sreenivasa Perumal temple. It is the 14th Divya Desam from the 108 Divya Desams. This Nachiyar Koil temple is popular because it was built by king Chola King Kochengan. Sreenivasa Perumal is the main god of this temple. This is the place where the goddess is given more importance to Lord Vishnu. 


Nachiyar Koil Temple History


People believe that Saint Medhavi was living in this place he wanted Mahalakshmi as a daughter so he worshipped Lord and he found the beautiful baby girl. He took the name of this child Vanjulavalli. One day Lord Vishnu split himself among five saints. They went to the house of Medhavi. Medhavi welcomes them and his daughter served them food. Vasudevan caught the hand her and she cried for help.

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All these five people disappeared, and Lord Mahavishnu appeared at that place and asked to marry his daughter. Medhavi accepted this marriage and asked that he attained eternal salvation. He asked that his wife also attain eternal salvation, and his daughter needs to get first preferences in all aspects. Lord Vishnu accepted the condition of the Saint and marries the girl. From that time, Nachiyar Kovli is known as the temple of Mahavishnu’s wife. That is also known as “one step ahead”. 


Nachiyar Koil –  Kal Garuda         


Kal Garudan is an important aspect of the Nachiyar Koil temple. This is believed that stones are used in the construction of Vishnu’s mount. The Idol of Garuda is made with the help of Salirama stone. One day the creator of this Idol saw that this Idol is flying and having wings and suddenly one stone is thrown at the Garuda and at that time Garuda fall down and since that time it is stayed in this Nachiyar Koil temple to bless the devotees. It is one of the popular among Tamil Nadu Temple.


Nachiyar Koil Temple Visiting Timing


Morning Hours: 7:30 AM – 12:30 Noon

Evening Hours: 4:30 PM – 9:00 PM

Kal Garuda Seva

In Nachiyar Koil temple special events are organized known as Kal Garuda Seva from December to January and March to April every year. It is believed that at the time of this event only four people carry the Idol at 7 PM and they dressed up the Idol and when they return the weight of this Idol gets increased and now 64 people needed to carry it. The weight of this Idol gets increased speedily and when it returns to the temple, its weight starts decreasing in reverse order. 


How To Reach Nachiyar Kovil Temple


This place is 10km away from Kumbakonam so buses are available to come to this place and it takes only half-hour to reach there by this route. You can also hire a taxi to come to this place.


  1. The nearest airport to Nachiyar Koil Temple is Trichy International Airport – 108 km 
  2. The Nearest railway station to Nachiyar Koil Temple is Kumbakonam Junction. – 8 KM

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