Know More About Dumas Beach Gujrat The Whispers Of The Dead

Navneet S Karnani
Navneet S Karnani
Dumas Beach

Dumas beach is considered the most popular tourist destination in Gujrat. The black sand and haunted facts make this sport so interesting and mysterious. This is situated 13 miles away from the Surat. Many people said that visitors who went to this beach were disappeared and never came back. 


Dumas Beach Myth


Legend of this beach state that this is the burial ground and it is an isolated location. Many supernatural occurrences in this beach occurred in the past and there is no significant evidence of such occurrence. People said that many spirits live on this beach and they walk on the beachside. This area was used earlier to burn the dead bodies and Hindu rituals believe that people who died but did not get eternal satisfaction live in this place and roam. The reason for Black sand is enough amount of ash that has mixed with the sand and has given the sand black color. 

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The dark appearance of this beach makes it haunted. People enter this place and can feel the paranormal touch and many paranormal incidents have taken place on this beach which makes these places haunted in India. When an individual walks on the beach in the night time then he or she can hear the whispers of the people but actually, nobody is present at that time. 


Tourists are suggested by the local people to avoid going to this place at night as they may hear the voices of others and the laughter of people at Haunted Dumas beach. Howling winds and giggle sounds may make give them a feeling of haunted. Much of the local public has fear to visits the near haveli as they considered this haveli haunted. 

Place of Interest


The Dariya Ganesh temple is situated near this beach where a large number of visitors visit. Many small shops are there where Indian snacks are being sold by the sellers. The Sultanabad circle is very famous and near to this circle, there is the presence of Lashkari Bhajiya which is very famous in Gujrat. 


How To Reach Dumas Beach


The Dumas beach is 20 km away from the Surat so local transports can be taken to reach this location. Visitors can visit this place via road from Mumbai. This has a journey of five hours as it is 238 kilometers away from Mumbai. From Ahmadabad, the distance of this beach is 263 kilometers that take 4 hours. 

Rail routes and air routes both are available to reach this location. Also, a taxi or cab can be taken to reach this location from Surat. 

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