Kal Bhairav Ujjain Timing, History And Religious Believe

Navneet S Karnani
Navneet S Karnani
Kal Bhairav Ujjain

Kal Bhairav Ujjain temple is the most popular Hindu temple in Ujjain city. The temple is dedicated to the deity Kal Bhairav who is the guardian deity. This is situated on the Shipra river, every day, thousands of devotees visit this place, and they donate a huge amount here. Renovation of this temple was done before some time and it is believed that Bhadrasen the King has built this place. The entire story of the building of this temple is written in the Avanti Khanda. Malwa paintings were used for the decoration of this temple.

Kal Bhairav Ujjain Story

The actual structuring of this place indicates the influence of Marath. People believe that when Maratha was getting defeated in the Third Battle of Panipat, at that time Maratha offered the turban to the deity and requested victory. When the Maratha won his battle then the construction of this KalBhairav temple was carried out. People have placed their deity in the form of rock Layered.

The decoration is done with Kumkuma and Vermilion. As a ritual, liquor is offered to the visitors.  In the year 2015, the Government of the city has established a liquor counter outside the KalBhairav temple. Gujarat also has a small replica of Kal Bhairav Ujjain temple on Bhuj-Mundra road. KalBhairav has been looked at by the citizens as the guardians and work as Senapati in the town.

People worship the Kal Bhairav and believe that when they pray in front of God, they easily fulfill their desires. Earlier fish, alcohol, parched grain, maithuna were offered to the temple, but now only liquor is offered, and rest items are used in symbolic rituals. Many devotees visit this place daily; they buy the liquor bottle and provide it to the priest.

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The priest pours this alcohol in saucer and place near to the lips of deity. Many people state that when a priest takes the saucer near the deity’s lips at that time it starts disappearing. Most of the alcohol bottles are returned to the devotees by the priest as the Prasad. Many people who visit this place closely state that there is no city and this liquor is drunk by the deity only. There is no permission to examine the statue of a deity. If people try to do priests’ work, they do not get positive results, and liquor remains the same or does not disappear. Many may think of this as disbelief, while many visits to see the magic from their own eyes at Kal Bhairav Ujjain.

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