“Justice League” 2: The Sequel To “Justice League” Could Be Close Thanks To HBO Max

Rishabh Shetty
Rishabh Shetty

” Justice League ” has given a lot to talk about since its premiere in 2017. The film received many negative reviews and, despite Zack Snyder retiring from directing the film at the end of the shoot, he kept his credit as the main responsible. For years he made the community understand that his plan was very different from what was seen on the big screen, and fans began to ask for the famous “Snyder Cut” from the DC and Warner film.

Now, the company announced together with HBO Max that they would exclusively have the premiere of this new version of the film, something that would cost them approximate  30 million dollars to gather the creative team, review all the takes that were recorded and create a product just as Zack Snyder would have imagined from the start.

The premiere of this ” Justice League ” is scheduled for 2021 and it is not yet known if it will be a mini-series of several chapters or if it will be a film as such, especially after The Hollywood Reporter said they have material for a film of 4 hours. at the same time, many now wonder if only revive this film or DC plans to return to the original plan of the DCEU of Zack Snyder, starting with its sequel.

Would this mean that there would be a “Justice League” 2? In the beginning, everything seems to indicate that yes, especially with the open ending that they left with other threats to face from this new team, but let’s see what is known so far and why the joint action with HBO Max gives more clues to the future of the game. the cinematic universe with Warner.

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What Happened To “justice League” 2?

As the creator of what would eventually be unofficially called the DC Extended Universe (DCEU), Snyder had a broader plan for this universe that was in the future after ” Justice League .” He has repeatedly mentioned his plans for a five-movie arc that revolves around Superman and envisioned various Justice League sequels just as countless adventures are mentioned in the comics.

Also, let’s remember that the original announcement for “Justice League” 2 came in the fall of 2014 when Warner Bros. announced an extensive list of DC movies through 2020. At that time, hopes for the DCEU expanded beyond the original plan. by Snyder, with solo films for Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Cyborg and Green Lantern. But it was also revealed that “Justice League” 2, originally released as “Justice League” Part 2, would hit theaters in June 2019.

Following that line, even the company confirmed that Snyder would be its director and, although their plans for the story of “Justice League” 2 were not announced at the time, several elements have since been revealed, giving fans an idea of what he was planning.

The film would be built from its ” Justice League ” finale, where Wonder Woman kills Steppenwolf and the team sees Darkseid through an expansion tube, and the team is seen taking on DC’s greatest supervillain. His use of the Anti-Life Equation to enslave humanity and Superman (after killing Lois Lane) would have helped to involve the Knightmare timeline, where Batman, Cyborg, and The Flash attempt to uncover time travel for Flash. may warn Bruce, as seen in ” Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”.

On the other hand, with the roles of Green Lantern and other characters, “Justice League” 2 would end with the death of Batman as part of the climactic battle against Darkseid. The changes made to ” Justice League ” removed any setup for the role of this villain in its second part, but the post-credits scene of the theatrical cut still helped provoke a sequel, but not the one Snyder planned.

The scene showed Deathstroke visiting Lex Luthor on a yacht and was directed by Snyder while he was still involved with the film. However, part of the Deathstroke / Lex scene was filmed by Whedon to include setting up the baddies to form “a league of their own” so that the seeds of the Legion of Doom could be world.

What Snyder planned to do after Deathstroke’s debut is not entirely clear. Ben Affleck was the one who first revealed the trial footage for the lawsuit, and reports later revealed that Deathstroke had a role in ” The Batman .” Deathstroke is likely gearing up for a confrontation in Ben Affleck’s movie, a movie that’s no longer possible, though it could be now that the Snyder Cut is coming to HBO Max.

Will “justice League” 2 Arrive Now That “Snyder Cut” Is Released?

The public may not know all the details of Snyder’s plan for “Justice League” 2 (or even him, since no writer was ever hired to develop a script), but the broad outlines of the story are clear are in place. All the changes made to “Justice League” for the theatrical cut removed the hope that the story of its sequel would ever be told.

However, the announcement that Zack Snyder’s Justice League is coming to HBO Max changes this, as it is at least possible for the story to continue. Without the release of the original version of “Justice League” of Snyder, his plans for “Justice League” 2 would not even be a discussion. Even now, it still seems like an impossible dream that could happen, but many said the same about the possibility of the Snyder Cut going out for more than two years.

The chances of Snyder telling his “Justice League” 2 story are entirely based on the reception and success of his cut from the first movie now. If their ” Justice League ” is a huge hit for HBO Max, then they should at least consider what it would take to continue.

Producing “ Justice League ” 2 will undoubtedly be a huge financial commitment for HBO Max. Completing the film will reportedly cost them between $ 20 million and $ 30 million as mentioned above, and it’s hard to imagine the budget for “Justice League” 2 being less than $ 150 million. Rejoining the cast could be Another hurdle I’d have to overcome, especially as Gal Gadot and Jason Momoa run sequels to hit franchises that are only loosely connected to the original film’s story.

However, as the war transmission continues to warm, the probability that the Justice League of Zack Snyder is a piece of original content very sight for HBO Max at the least makes it possible that the “Justice League” 2 happen somehow. There is material, there are companies that would support it and actors who, from what has been seen on their social networks, would love to work under Snyder again. Now there is only the reception of the public to see if a sequel to this film is produced or not.

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