Jaden Smith has created ‘I Love You’ Restaurant-Homeless eat free

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

The ‘I Love You’ restaurant, owned by Jaden Smith, offers vegan fare from food trucks. Customers at Smith’s restaurant are encouraged to pay the full cost of their meals so that those who are less fortunate can dine for free. The food truck debuted in Skid Row in Los Angeles but has since made trips to several other cities and states.

Jaden Smith has started a new charitable endeavor that includes food trucks for the underprivileged. The rapper visited Downtown Los Angeles the day before his birthday and distributed vegan dinners. On Skid Row in Los Angeles, which has one of the country’s greatest concentrations of homeless people. People are seen distributing paper bags of food to a line of hundreds of people in an attached video.

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Jaden had influenced societal change for the poor


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The actor and artist use his popularity for good in other ways as well. Smith recently participated in Shia LaBeouf’s charity event for Slauson Rec. A free performing arts program is open to anybody who wants to attend, regardless of background or training.

The @ILoveYouRestaurant movement focuses on giving people the healthy, vegan food they deserve for nothing. They opened their first food truck pop-up in Downtown Los Angeles. Keep an eye out since this is just the beginning they say.

i love you restaurant truck jaden smith

It wouldn’t be the first time Will and Jada Smith’s son had influenced societal change for the poor. According to a report by Inhabitat, Jaden Smith’s JUST Water firm donated a filtration system to assist clean the water in Flint, Michigan. JUST Water uses huge filtration systems to manufacture bottled water.

The Water Box is a scaled-down version of the filtering device employed at the JUST Water facility. That provides Flint residents with clean water. Hundreds of individuals in the Flint neighborhood now have access to clean, safe drinking water thanks to the system. Which eliminates dangerous toxins like lead and enables residents to fill their water containers.

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