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Jack Of All Trades And Also The Master Of All Of Them : ASLI DAUD

Asli Daud
Asli Daud

The Best Digital Marketer ever, the social media king, the leader of the best digital media company, these are not some vague terms, but the entitlement bestowed upon the Founder and the CEO of Asli Media Group. But what is distinctive regarding the illustrious personality is his cognizance in multiple domains.

Daud is not just an entrepreneur but also a celeb manager, a cybersecurity expert, a techie, a producer, and the fact that he has mastered and is acing in all of these in parallel, being unsurpassable, is astonishing as well as expected from such an unprecedented being. Daud is currently leading three top-notch digital media firms, inclusive of Asli Digital Media, Asli Media Partners, and

Asli Daud
Asli Daud

Daud, ever since he was 15 had a knack for the emerging tech and has never backed out till date from helping the deserved. Scouting the world for the worthy talents, with the help of the firms at his dispense and the experience and knowledge acquired through years of endeavors, he has helped a plethora of artists, celeb, and talents, through his out-of-the-box strategies, PR Services, and media management services.

He has also been the producer for creations like “Mulk” and “May I Come In”, which have acquired global praise. He has sought artists and talents, to bring them the deserved reach. Working by the motto of his firms-“Your Reputation, Our Priority”, he has till date helped many budding entrepreneurs, brands, and talents.

Being associated with the hotshots of the industry, Daud has worked with the big guns, and his indispensable worth and his workpieces could be witnessed on his personal website

Planning to move further with his notions, it would be mesmerizing to see him entering newer arenas!

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