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Interviewer PR
Pranav Das

Traveling is an engaging activity that brings happiness into our lives. Millions of people possess a strong desire to explore the beauty of nature. There’s no doubt, going to different places gives you an exciting feeling. But making an entire career out of traveling is a whole new thing and experience. This may sound unrealistic to many of you, but Pranav Das, an established Indian Travel Blogger has made it possible.

Pranav Das is a 31-year-old lad from Cuttack, Odisha who is currently one of the emerging travel bloggers in the country. Despite being a small-town boy, he dared to dream big and fulfil it at a young age.

When looking at his personal life, he is a computer science engineering graduate and MBA dropout. Before becoming a travel blogger, he was working in a well-known MNC in Kolkata. But to pursue his dreams of traveling, he ditched his job in 2015. Since then he has posted dozens of blogs on his travel blog site, Voyage Nomad.

From different cities in India to exotic locations in Asia, his passion for traveling only gets stronger with each trip. He is also the owner of a digital marketing agency providing knowledge to new explorers and travellers about budget traveling.

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Pranav always wanted to lead a life of a digital nomad. He refused to have a 9 to 5 job and went ahead to fulfil his dreams. His story is an inspiration to hundreds of budding travel bloggers who wants to be successful in this field. He motivates them to follow their passion through his travel blog.

If you go through his blogs and social media handles, you will realize that he has immense love for Mother Nature. He is different from other travel bloggers. Besides traveling to different places, he also wants to preserve nature and wildlife. He is someone who believes in sustainable and budget traveling.

Now that he has reached a certain position in his travel blogging field, he wants to contribute to the wildlife conservation sector. Wildlife around the world is in danger and many of the species are on the verge of extinction due to hunting and poaching. Pranav is not only fascinated by wildlife, but he also understands the importance of it. This is why he wants to contribute whatever he can to the conservation of wildlife.

Being a digital nomad, he gets the opportunity to travel to various exotic locations that you have only seen in pictures. He brings the beauty of nature closer to your heart. Traveling is not just about going to new places, but to learn new cultures, explore the rich heritage, and unveil the mysteries of a site. When going through this blog, you will see beautiful images of places he has been to. From this, we can get an idea that he also has great photography skills.

Pranav can be spotted on all the major social media sites. His Facebook page @voyagenomad is filled with colourful images of places, while his Twitter account @voyagenomad provides details of his travels. Coming to his Instagram handle @voyagenomad, it’s like his personal photo blog. With over 10k followers, he has gained a lot of popularity on the photo-sharing platform.

It’s been more than five years since he started his travel blog. Today, he is one of the top travel bloggers in India. They say hard work always pays off and Pranav is the true example of this saying. His journey from being a small-town boy to a big travel blogger is inspiring to thousands of people. He achieved a lot of great things at a very young age. 

Pranav’s hard work reflects in his success. Although he had a bad career start, he managed to pull himself out of it and followed his dreams. He is one of those very few people who dared to follow his passion and not be tied down by the norms set by society. Most importantly, he has fulfilled his dreams to become a travel blogger.

Pranav has been traveling for many years, but he is far from getting tired. His passion for traveling is what keeps him going. To become the best travel blogger in the country takes a huge amount of hard work and a lot of sacrifices. He is just 31 years old and has a long way to travel to reach greater heights in the future. His lifestyle is an example for people who are afraid to follow their passion and do something big.

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