Iron Bridge 6,000-kg Stolen from Adani Company in Malad, Mumbai; 4 Arrested

Suhana Parvin
Suhana Parvin
Iron Bridge

In a daring and perplexing incident, unknown perpetrators have stolen a massive 6,000-kilogram iron bridge in Mumbai’s Malad West neighborhood. The 90-foot-long bridge, constructed by utility company Adani Electricity to facilitate the movement of substantial electrical wires, has mysteriously vanished. Prompted by the bridge’s disappearance, the corporation promptly informed the police about the occurrence. It left both locals and law enforcement authorities astounded.

In April of this year, the construction of a permanent bridge rendered the temporary bridge. Initially built in June of the previous year to support Adani Electricity’s extensive electric lines across a drain, obsolete. To facilitate the relocation of the temporary bridge, cranes were utilized to move it to a new designated location within the region. But for the full month of June, the bridge unexpectedly disappeared without a trace.

Lack of surveillance cameras hamperes initial efforts to gather evidence

The lack of CCTV cameras near the temporary placement of the bridge posed initial challenges to the theft investigation. Law enforcement encountered difficulties in obtaining concrete evidence due to the unavailability of security footage. It was only on June 26 that Adani Electricity representatives realized the bridge was missing, prompting them to promptly file a First Information Report (FIR) with the police. The stolen iron structure was estimated to be worth nearly Rs 2 lakh.

Cops Cracks the Case of Iron bridge theft Despite the Challenges

Despite the challenges, the cops persevered and painstakingly examined footage from neighbouring security cameras. Surprisingly, the video showed that on June 11, a sizable truck was present and moving towards the bridge. Investigators made an important discovery after successfully tracing the vehicle using its registration number. Further investigation revealed that the car included gas-cutting equipment. That was a clear indication that it had been used to destroy the bridge and transfer the stolen, 6,000-kilogram iron structure.

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Police were able to locate an employee of the construction company hired for the bridge project after conducting further inquiries. After taking swift action, the authorities were able to apprehend the employee and three suspected accomplices in the theft. Adani Electricity can now breathe easier because the stolen items were successfully found.

Recovery and Accountability

Adani Electricity Mumbai Ltd. expressed gratitude for the swift response of the Mumbai Police, resulting in the recovery of the stolen goods. The investigation continues to unfold, aiming to uncover the motivations behind this brazen heist and ensure accountability for those involved.

The audacity and logistical challenges surrounding the case have captivated both locals and law enforcement personnel. Excitement builds as the investigation delves deeper. Promising to unveil the full extent of this audacious robbery and bring the responsible individuals to justice.

This incident highlights the urgent necessity for putting in place strong surveillance mechanisms to prevent similar accidents in the future. To protect priceless assets and preserve public confidence in the infrastructure systems that serve as the foundation of our everyday lives, authorities should think about stepping up security in sensitive locations.

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