How To Plan Your Investment Strategy Explained By Mukul Agrawal

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

Investing in the share market certainly requires developing a certain beforehand knowledge of the market, how various trends affects your money and identifying the right shares and stocks for you to invest in. There are various things that the leading Technical Analyst and renowned TEDx speaker Mukul Agrawal wants to share that an investor should keep in mind before investing in the stock market.

Some important points to ponder upon are 

What kind of investor you are or aspire to become – Are you are a long term investor or a day trader ? The world of investment covers a broad spectrum and covers both Small term strategies and long term strategies. According to Mukul Agrawal depending upon your nature one should plan their strategies and should act upon them. He has made his students aware of various trading strategies like INTRADAY AND SWING TRADING STRATEGIES based on the time period of their investment.

 What is your risk appetite – How much money do you want to make and how much
money are you willing to lose to make it is a really important question in stock
marketing. Understanding your risk appetite before you invest in any kind of stocks will
help you to filter out what kind of companies and financial institutions you want to invest
your money in.

 Avoid the “CROWD MENTALITY” – Do not invest your money without personally investigating the stocks and equities. Do not follow the tips or trends just because other people are doing so. Individuals should not take decisions based on the herd mentality. It’s really important for individuals to only invest in businesses that are easy for them to understand, especially while they are in the beginning stage of their career.
Mukul Agrawal emphasizes on the need to know your investments as well as you know
yourself. Creating a proper plan for investment in stock marketing is the surest way to make your
money grow. With proper research, patience, practice and strategizing, your investments will
only appreciate in their value.

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The National Achievers Award 2019 holder, Mukul Agrawal is a man of a versatile nature. He is
a well renowned TEDx Speaker, an investor, an all time financial coach, a trader, an
entrepreneur and the founder of The Agrawal Corporate . Established in the year 2003, The
Agrawal Corporate is a Stock Market Training Academy where various diverse Stock Market
courses, free online trading courses, workshops, and mentorship programs are offered.

Agrawal Corporate is a top player and is a leading institute for Stock Market in Lucknow. Mukul
Agrawal is an experienced and confident certified Stock tutor with a striking expertise in the
technical analysis, under his guidance many people have skillfully learned to predict to Advance
Nifty. He also runs a YouTube channel – The Mukul Agrawal through which he is consistently
training and consulting individuals for Online trading of stock market.

Mukul Agrawal is a man of immense wisdom and he has devoted his life in giving financial advices and sharing his well formulated marketing strategies with the potential investors. His vision is to educate individual on the topic of skillful investment so that everyone becomes independent financially he goes by the motto, “ CHALO PAISE KAMATE HAIN…”

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