How Social Media Affecting the Mental Health

We use social media day-to-day basis but was aware what its long-term effect on us

Social Media Disconnect People from Real World

As the internet becomes so cheap and available to all, slowly it reached in remote areas. People start engaging more on social media and entertain themselves using it. Though social media equipped you with a lot of knowledge. However, now it is one of the leading causes of mental health. There is no instant effect of social media but has an adverse effect over time. These can include personal insecurity and cybersecurity. Many people have the wrong concepts that social media helps in mind relaxation, which can be true to certain limits. Excess to anything can cause damage, this principle also implements in the digital world.

Let’s check out the reasons that social media causes:-

  1. Comparing personal lives with others- The people of this generation started feeling isolated because of the digital world. When we are going through a rough patch in time. Social feeds automatically trigger the comparison of things whether it is life, money, or relationship. Eventually, this leads to social anxiety and depression.
  2. Triggers Sadness: According to the report social media can trigger sadness. It has been found that Humans see other lives as being happy leading to their insecurity. People trying hard to avoid FOMO( Fear of Missing out) in the digital arena.
  3. Self-Esteem- As influencers grow with the digital world. They tend to showcase materialistic things like cars and clothes. This leads to higher insecurity. As it can have two effects one can dream of it or one can get jealous of it.
  4. Disturb Sleep Cycle: Social Media is similar to drugs you just can’t get off. Most of the people have the habit of checking their phones before going to bed. Some interesting posts or topics came and within a fraction of second the hours passed. As Reels come people passed hours just scrolling them.

The competition become so fierce these days whether in terms of money or social life. Everyone competes to be better than the rest of the people. Social Media is the biggest boon in terms of communication. But like everything has two sides. These have pros and cons also. According to scientists, our screening time should be used a maximum of 3-4 hours a day. As technology evolves these look inevitable.

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