High compress’s ace developer Himalaya Saxena shares insights for combating extreme competition

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Himalaya Saxena

Software engineers have to hustle constantly to be at the top of their game. Moreover, the competition is becoming hardest due to the regular upgrades and growth in the number of engineers. The software engineers who have been in the industry for the longest time still feel lost. Everyone in the industry talks about the tips and tricks for the newbies, but what about the existing software developers. Their journey to keep up with the market is equally challenging as it is for any novice. 

The man behind Highcompress, Himalaya Saxena, is an inspirational figure for all. His eight years of experience in the software development industry is not less than a bible for success. The last couple of years has been advantageous for him as he is enjoying the fruit of his hard work and dedication. 

Himalaya Saxena is the brain behind Highcompress. He launched the website in 2017. Within a year, the High Compress, an image compression plugin was approved by WordPress. Presently, Highcompress is being used by over 50k users every day. Also, among the other image optimization plugins on WordPress, Highcompress has highest rating in its domain.

He started his journey in 2010 as a software developer and blogger. His first project got him $50. In the next seven to eight months, he drew his first cheque from Google Adsense of $120. From getting a few hundred dollars from Google Adsense to getting invited by them for various Google meets, he has exhibited substantial growth in his career. 

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Himalaya Saxena is finally revealing that he has achieved all this amid the competition. While he was studying, he realized that he needed to do something that would keep him updated with the latest technology. So, he started practicing coding on a daily basis. A small change in his daily routine brought a huge difference in his life. 

The developers working on multiple projects should know the intricacies of the version control system. Himalaya has found this tip very handy in his career. Also, he said that as software developers, we should always have the approach of problem solving. It will make you stand out from the crowd. 

Himalaya Saxena had the knack for a good presentation. During his initial days, he learnt Sketch and Photoshop. Later, it helped in many projects and enhanced his taste. Ultimately, a good output will make clients happy. 

With experienced software engineers, it is often noticed that they are stuck with one language. Himalaya Saxena completed his masters in computer science and began his career. Later, he realized the world was shifting towards SaaS. So, he learned software programming and created a few SaaS products that were mostly free to use. Himalaya feels keeping yourself upgraded and market ready is the only mantra that will make you ahead of the game. 

The ones who have been in the industry for a long time must have read quite a lot of coding and realized the virtue of writing clean and maintainable code. Therefore, if the architecture of your codes is clean, it will help you in many ways, like identifying the bug during the development phase. Also, try keeping your method short as in the future, if you have to fix something that you wrote months back, it will be a lot easier. 

Himalaya Saxena has been a futurist. He had the quality of foresightedness that made him stand out. He says that his inner developer kept looking for an answer for the troubles people reported while developing or maintaining. His approach towards his work is commendable. Presently, he is working as a freelancer for DevOps services, website development, and server optimization across the globe. 

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