Gaurav Kumar (Asylum Gaurav) Shares A Simple Workout Guide to Keep Up with Fitness at Home

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Gaurav Kumar

Gaurav Kumar is a 21-year-old Fitness Enthusiast. He loves sharing his Fitness Knowledge with everyone, so he has written this article as well; in case you want to stay updated with more of Gaurav’s fitness tips, then do check out his Instagram page with the username: @fitnesswithgaurav and he does run a YouTube channel as well where uploads Fitness & Gymming related videos.

In this guide, Gaurav Kumar, a.k.a Asylum Gaurav, shared his knowledge of how one can Keep Up with Fitness at Home.

It’s important to note that when working out at home, remember to be extra careful and use your best judgment about what feels right for your body. Now put on some music, your favorite workout gear, and get to work — here’s your guide to some at-home workout exercises:

Supplies Needed

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  • – Dumbbells (Alternatives include canned food, water jugs, milk jugs, detergent, water bottles, etc.)
  • – Jump Rope (Alternatives include jumping jacks, front-to-back hops, and plate hops.)

The Warm-Up

A 10-minute warm-up on your own before starting your workout is always a good idea to get your body moving, blood flowing, and heart rate up. Any warm-up that you would normally do in your favorite exercise class or at the gym would work well — such as jogging in place, jumping jacks, downward dog walk-outs, and more. 


First, do 250 squats. Michelle suggests starting with sets of 20-30 on the squats and reducing to sets of 10-15 towards the end. 

Next, do 100 push-ups. For the push-ups, stick to 10 sets of 10. Modified push-ups can be done such as hand-release push-ups or knee push-ups. Be sure to take small breaks in between, no more than 30 seconds.

Then, do four rounds of straight-arm planks.


Every three minutes for eight rounds, do 12 dumbbell clean + jerks. You should finish each round around 2:30 minutes, with 30 seconds to rest. If your dumbbells feel light during your workout, use both for the clean and jerks. If your dumbbells are heavy, use one and do six reps on each side.

Then, do 12 lunges with the dumbbell in the front rack. Net, do 12 burpees, followed by a two-minute rest. 

Then for six rounds, do three minutes of Hollow Hold Tabata. Basically a hollow hold starts with you laying on the ground. Then you simply lift your legs up about six inches. Your shoulder blades should come off the floor and lower back pressed to the floor.


First, do five rounds of 14 dumbbell overhead presses, 30-second butt kicks, and then rest for 30 seconds.


First, do six rounds 20 step-ups, 45-second wall sits, and 30-second high knees. Make sure whatever you are using for step-ups is stable, keep your back against the wall for the wall sit, and make sure your knees are above your ankles for the wall sit.

Then, do three rounds of 30-seconds jumping squats, 30 seconds jumping lunges, and then rest for 30 seconds. For the jump squats, make sure you jump as high as you can but try to land softly. For the jumping lunges, make sure your whole foot lands on the ground each time.


First, get outside and go for a 25-35 minute run. After that, stretch. Do two minutes of pigeon pose left, two minutes of pigeon pose right, and a two-minute squat hold (pushing your knees out with your elbows). All of this is followed by 15 Supermans and 15 downward dog to plank motions. Don’t be afraid to add in any other stretches your body is calling for, either.


This is your rest day. Just indulge in a 10-minute (minimum) meditation. Mental health is so important —just sit down for at least 10 minutes and breathe. A little goes a long way!


Time to jump back in. First, do six rounds of 12 dumbbell deadlifts, 10 dumbbell curls, and eight tricep dips. For the dumbbell curls, do five on the right and five on the left. If your dumbbells are too light, use two dumbbells and do 12 curls using both arms at once. Finally, do six Turkish get-ups using one dumbbell. For these, do three holding the dumbbell in the right hand, then switch to the left.

Gaurav Kumar
Gaurav Kumar


This was the Simple Workout Guide by Gaurav Kumar, Gaurav hope that you might have got to learn something from this guide, and you will use that knowledge in Keeping yourself Fit. 

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