From Pushpa to Bollywood: Hema Malini’s take on Allu Arjun’s rise!

From Pushpa to Bollywood: Hema Malini's take on Allu Arjun's rise!


Unquestionably, South films are beloved all over the world. Recent examples are RRR’s Oscar-worthy foot-tapping song and the movie Pushpa – The Rise, which left fans in awe of Allu Arjun’s outstanding performance.

The indisputable sensation Allu Arjun continues to enthrall India with his outstanding performances. His reign as the undisputed ruler of the box office and the affections of the audience has been cemented with blockbusters like Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo, DJ: Duvvada Jagannadham, Pushpa: The Rise, and many others. Beyond his acting prowess, he stands out for his humility and approachable demeanor, which have drawn admirers from all walks of life.


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The Pan India Staar’s magnetism emits an unmatched appeal to everyone from the average person to fellow celebs and even on festival occasions. There are no immediate signs that the excitement surrounding Allu Arjun will abate.

Fans are not the only ones praising him but Bollywood’s legendary Dream Girl, Hema Malini, also couldn’t hold back her love for Allu Arjun’s superb performance.


Hema Malini recently shared her enthusiasm for Allu Arjun’s variety and special charm during one of her recent interviews with the actor. “I also watched Pushpa: The Rise, and I really enjoyed it,” she admitted. Even the dance moves influenced by Allu Arjun’s stride in the movie have been imitated by many individuals. His acting captured my attention. Later, I noticed what a lovely young man he is after seeing him in another movie. He looked so raw and unusual in Pushpa, pulling off the rural appearance in a lungi with ease. He played such a role, but he was still the hero! It’s admirable that he accepted such a change for the part. Such a risky adjustment won’t be simply attempted by our Hindi film idols.


“I remember during Razia Sultan, Dharamji was hesitant about looking darker for the role,” Hema Malini continued. These complimentary remarks from a well-known actress highlighted Allu Arjun’s aura as a performer and a person, which transcends boundaries and maintains its attraction not only in one region but throughout the country and beyond. The reason for Allu Arjun’s tremendous acclaim is definitely his talent for enthralling viewers with a variety of characters and his willingness to go beyond the bounds of traditional heroics.


A highlight of Allu Arjun’s outstanding production slate is the much-awaited “Pushpa: The Rise” sequel. Fans were shocked when Allu Arjun, who plays Pushparaj in the upcoming film “Pushpa 2 The Rule,” revealed his eye-catching first appearance. To introduce Pushpa’s reign to viewers all around the world, the production team ran a successful campaign.



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