Founder of PieSocket Anand Singh Said SaaS products Are The Future

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Anand Singh

Every available technology is migrating to cloud-based infrastructure to be widely available to all without any geographical restrictions. This has led to a massive revolution in SaaS products development, which is now one of the fastest-growing industry, that is generating millions in revenue with each passing year. Anand Singh is among the few developers, who have perceived the boom of the SaaS industry at a nascent stage and began learning and creating custom-designed solutions suitable for cloud deployment. His latest venture, PieSocket is also a SaaS product that is making waves in the industry. 

Anand Singh is a technology savant who holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering and has a lot of accolades to his name. His most remarkable achievement is winning the Smart India Hackathon and then revisiting the next iteration of the national level competition as a judge. Anand Singh believes in preparation and has honed his skills in the craft while working for many reputed IT firms as a senior developer. After noticing a constant surge in demand for SaaS products, he started his own business of crafting tailor-made SaaS products and deploying them for his clients. PieSocket is the latest achievement of Anand Singh, which is helping businesses to ensure transparent and fluid communication between the team members.

Anand Singh shares his thoughts about the effectiveness of SaaS products. He says, “PieSocket is a SaaS product that makes it easy to license and distribute to the clients. Since it is hosted on the cloud, PieSocket ensures round the clock availability so that communication never stops. The SaaS industry is growing by the minute and I would like to encourage the budding developers to devise unique solutions that can solve a real-time problem with panache.”

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