Film Directors Ted and Max Discussed the Making of “Thieves in the Night” on Ajay Tambe’s Podcast

Mohima Parvin
Mohima Parvin

In an exclusive episode of Ajay Tambe’s podcast, Film directors Ted and Max delved into the making of their suspense thriller, “Thieves in the Night.” The duo shared behind-the-scenes insights, from casting challenges to improvisational techniques, giving listeners an in-depth look at the creative process behind this film.


Ted and Max outlined the central plot of “Thieves in the Night,” which follows a group of thieves who seek refuge in a house after a heist gone wrong. The tension escalates when the homeowners refuse to be passive victims, leading to a series of gripping confrontations. The directors emphasized the unique blend of suspense and dark comedy that defines the film.

On the podcast, Ted and Max explored the film’s themes of unintended consequences and human behavior under stress. They discussed how “Thieves in the Night” juxtaposes moments of dark humor with the suspense of a home invasion, creating a narrative that keeps viewers on edge.

Casting Challenges

Ted and Max revealed that casting for “Thieves in the Night” was both swift and meticulous. Using platforms like StarNow, they sifted through hundreds of applications for each role. The initial character descriptions helped narrow down the candidates, who then submitted self-taped auditions.

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Key Casting Decisions

  • Wayne: Initially envisioned as a character akin to David Duchovny or Clive Owen, the directors were surprised by an actor whose voice and performance perfectly fit the role.

  • Tim Cullingworth: Finding the right actor for Tim’s role was particularly challenging. After multiple auditions, Tim impressed the directors with his unique interpretation, despite not fitting the initial physical image of the character.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of their Conversation :

Filming Process

Improvisation and Collaboration

Improvisation played a significant role during filming, Ted and Max revealed. They encouraged actors to bring their own interpretations to the script, leading to more natural and compelling performances. The directors adopted a collaborative approach, allowing actors to reword lines and explore different reactions, which enriched the film.

Key Scenes and Techniques

  • Grandma Story Monologue: A pivotal scene involving a monologue by Tim’s character about his grandmother was transformed from an uncomfortable silence to a chilling yet humorous twist through improvisation.

  • Unplanned Reactions: To capture authentic reactions, certain plot points were kept hidden from some actors. This technique ensured genuine responses, adding to the film’s realism.

Production Challenges

Location Scouting

The directors discussed securing the perfect house on the Isle of Wight, a critical location for the film. While Airbnb was considered, personal connections ultimately provided a better deal, offering an ideal setting while managing costs.

Covid-19 Impact

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic caused a production delay. However, this period allowed the team to refine the script, resulting in a more polished and cohesive narrative when filming resumed.

Filming Schedule and Conditions

Intensive Shooting Days

The film was shot over three weeks with 13-hour days. Despite the grueling schedule, the directors ensured that the cast and crew were well-fed and given adequate breaks, maintaining high morale and energy levels.

Preparation and Rehearsals

Extensive preparation and rehearsals preceded the shoot. These sessions allowed the team to discover and refine improvisational elements that significantly contributed to the film’s depth and authenticity.

Behind the Scenes

Crowdfunding and Initial Trailer

To generate interest and secure funding, an initial trailer was shot with the final cast. This trailer served as a test for the actors and gauged the feasibility of the project’s scope.

Community Support

Ted and Max highlighted the supportive role of the local community on the Isle of Wight. The excitement of having a film shot in their area added a positive dynamic, with house owners and local residents showing enthusiasm and offering assistance.

Character Focus: Tim Cullingworth

Casting Tim

The directors shared that casting Tim was a lengthy process involving multiple auditions. His portrayal brought a unique spin to the character, blending menace with peculiar charm, making him both unsettling and captivating.

Tim’s Improvisational Role

Tim’s improvisational skills added significant value to his role. His monologue about his grandmother, initially a scripted uncomfortable silence, became a standout moment through his spontaneous additions.

Technical Aspects

Filming Techniques

Improvisation: Allowed characters to naturally evolve, leading to organic performances.

Unplanned Reactions: Ensured genuine responses by keeping certain plot elements hidden from some actors.

Editing and Post-Production

Post-production focused on maintaining the film’s tense yet humorous tone. Editors balanced the improvisational elements with scripted scenes, ensuring a cohesive final product.

About TED & MAX :

Max and Ted: The Visionary Duo Behind “Thieves In The Night”

Max and Ted are the dynamic, award-winning writer/directors behind a series of acclaimed short films and the recently released feature film “Thieves In The Night” (2023), which has just premiered on Amazon Prime.

Ted’s journey into filmmaking began with a background in Computer Animation and Special Effects. After spending over a decade as a teacher, he joined Brighton Film School in 2017, where he crossed paths with Max.

Max’s path was notably different. He attended business school and spent nine years working in a bank. Driven by his passion for filmmaking, he made a bold move from Austria to England to follow his dreams.

By early 2018, alongside a fellow film school colleague, Max and Ted co-founded The Red Carnage Company. Their collaboration quickly bore fruit with the creation of two compelling short films: “The Photographer” (2017) and “Dead End” (2018). They continued their streak with “Domino” (2018) later that year.

Their creative partnership reached new heights with the production of their first feature film, “Thieves In The Night” (2023). This project was the result of a four-year journey, showcasing their dedication and talent, and now available for streaming on Amazon Prime.


About the Show :

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