Fans Can Expect The Second Season Of Prison School Shortly

Nisha Rathod
Nisha Rathod

Prison School season 2 was much anticipated by the fans. Now, sources have confirmed that it will be back with another season.

When Will The Second Season Release And What About Its Cast?

The date is not officially announced yet. Thus, we must wait till then.

Season two will be back with Hachimitsu Academy, Kiyoshi Fujino by Taishi Nakagawa, Takehito Morokuzu by Tokio Emoto, Shingo Wakamoto by Masato Yano, Joji Nezu by Daiki Miyagi, and Reiji Ando by Galigaligalixon.

Fans can not stop obsessing over their own sequel. However, the rebuilding of the next season needs to be executed as much is known about it. But considering the success of 1st season, production won’t be in danger to make another blockbuster sequel.

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Fans Can Expect The Second Season Of Prison School Shortly, Considering The Huge Success Of 1st One.

Nonetheless, the next season will portray issues regarding youngsters, particularly those who are set with various women.

Prison School was one of one of those two Best General Manga award-winning by Gurazeni at the 37th Kodansha Manga Award. It has sold much over 13 million copies of this manga till March 2018. So, this further increases the likelihood for the 2nd season. Thus, one can expect another year in the creators soon.

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