Dubai $5 billion project seeks to built artificial moon resort

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Dubai plans to spend more than $5 billion building an artificial moon. Real estate and property development are always risky ventures because the health of the economy ultimately has a large impact on a project’s viability. In a recent story titled “Dubai’s Property Surge VS Ghosts of 2009 Crash.” Bloomberg reported on the ‘Property Surge VS Ghosts of 2009 Crash’ in Dubai and disclosed an interesting resort project in the shape of a moon could be in the works for Dubai.

artificial moon in dubai resort

The $5 BILLION grandiose Moon-Shaped Resort project, backed by a Canadian company, might be built in Dubai Pearl. The resort has plans for a lunar colony, a lunar surface, and a nightclub with a space theme. And other fascinating amenities that will make it the perfect place to enjoy a pretend trip to the moon for 500 times less than a trip to space.

Soon, we’ll only need to take a short car ride to reach the moon

There are plans to open the wacky vacation resort MOON in China, Dubai, and Las Vegas. However, Michael R. Henderson, a co-founder of Moon World Resorts, told Forbes that the construction is “probably too visionary for Las Vegas.” And that “perhaps China or the UAE will be the first” to visit the resort.

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artificial moon resort in Dubai

With the help of this initiative, people will be able to experience life on a satellite without actually leaving the Earth. More than 2.5 million people are expected to visit the fake moon annually. Bringing in more than £1.5 billion in income, according to its creators. Moon World Resorts will provide £4.28 billion in finance.

Henderson expressed confidence in the project’s success by highlighting the Dubai brand’s recognition on a global scale. The moon will house a resort featuring a 4,000-room hotel, a 10,000-seat arena, a nightclub, and a wellness facility. On the fake moon, a full, half, or crescent will also be visible, when illuminated at night.

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