Dr. Aishwarya Selvaraj- A creative Entrepreneur & Style Icon

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

Dr.Aishwarya Selvaraj is an Instagram fashionista and successful momtrepreneur who received many awards such as the ‘Creative Entrepreneur of the Year’ at the She Beauty Awards 2022” and ‘Style Icon Doctor of the Year’ at the Golden Glory Awards 2022 graced by the stunning Bollywood star, Malaika Arora. This Chennai-raised woman aims to help others every day through her many roles. The passion she holds for aesthetic health is truly inspiring.

In her adolescent years, Dr.Aishwarya suffered from acne, blackheads, whiteheads, blemishes, and more. Her only desire was to have clear skin. In addition to spending money and time traveling to multiple clinics, she never found a solution. As a result, she sought more knowledge in the area and provided valuable solutions to common skin and hair issues. While she was traveling across the globe, she learned and experienced vast advancements in the aesthetic industry in Dubai, Bangkok, and South Korea. Realizing that skin clinics and doctors fail to provide the right solution and do not listen to the real problem, she wished to create a space where everyone could feel like a celebrity. The place where anyone can easily find and get a one-stop solution to all their skin and hair problems.

Ultimately, this led to Skin Envy’s birth.

Skin Envy employs the latest technology, best treatments, and the correct solutions to their customers through the knowledge and experience of Dr. Aishwarya, who has over eight years of experience in the industry. Having been the first clinic in Tamil Nadu to launch Alma Soprano Titanium, Hollywood Spectra Laser, and Alma Prime X, Skin envy offers a variety of advanced beauty treatments that deliver results while being time and money-wise.

Incorporating the latest technology and treatments has always been a priority of Dr.Aishwarya. Her priority has always been ensuring customer safety, using the latest technology, and offering products and services that keep her clients feeling energized and at their healthiest.

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Dr.Aishwarya. is one of the few Instagram content creators with genuine content that demonstrates how hard she works. Using Instagram, she creates interesting and helpful content about skincare and fashion. In her reels, she often shows her husband and child as well as things happening around her in real life.

Dr. Aishwarya Selvaraj is living proof that women can accomplish anything if they set their minds to it. She says her family’s support and confidence keep her going. Her mother, who dedicated her life to providing her with the best possible life, her mother-in-law, who inspires her with her traditional fashion sense, and her husband, who has always pushed her to be a go-getter and her strength throughout her life, have all played an important role in her success. In response to the question of how she manages it all, she says: “Balance is about priorities, and depending on the situation, we ought to prioritize accordingly.

In my role as a mom, I have to deal with my mother’s guilt all the time, but I’ve accepted it and I do my best when I’m with my child. I devote Sundays entirely to spending time with my family, watching movies with my husband, eating our favorite snacks, playing board games, or watching movies. The rest of the week I use the energy I gain from my Sunday at work.”

“If you don’t control your emotions, they will be manipulated against you. You got to train your mind to be stronger than your feelings, or else you’ll lose every single time” Dr. Aishwarya says that this is her favorite quote and she strongly stands by it. She says she has always been an emotional person and it has worked against her over the years. Since she started controlling her emotions, she has seen a huge improvement in her mental health and performance.

The goal for Dr.Aishwarya in the future is to provide state-of-the-art skin treatments at a price that is affordable for everyone. She chooses to prioritize time and value for money to provide the greater population of society with the best possible solutions to all their concerns. She advises: “Work on yourself, as you will be your best ever project! Never lose hope. Learn from your mistakes and most importantly never choose to live your life for others!”

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