Divyanshu Chaudhary – The sensational success story of an ordinary youth from a small village in Uttar Pradesh who became an iconic personality across the digital platform

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Divyanshu Chaudhary

Divyanshu Chaudhary was born in March 2001 in a small village named Khairullapur that is located in Bijnor,Uttar Pradesh. When he was born nobody could apprehend that one day, he will become a celebrity and an iconic personality that everyone dreams of to be. His upbringing was done in a well cultured way, but resource crunch always posed a problem and created hurdles in the path of his achievements. He was a studious student right from his child-hood and spent much time in reading subject books, writing the notes and giving presentation on the important topics. Above all, he was also fond of reading newspapers to get updated about the latest development in the society, infrastructure and technology across the state and country. With the passage of time, as Divyanshu was maturing likewise his conceptual understanding was also getting sharpened. Since his child-hood he used to ask as many questions that can be framed to get his query answered. This skill and understanding made him different from other children both in the school and the village.

While Divyanshu Chaudhary was still studying in school, he heard about the terms like Globalization and Digitalization but could not comprehend the terms exactly as at that time he was too young for it and in village it was not possible. With passage of time his intellectual power was also getting enhanced. While he was in Senior Secondary stage of his studies, the Government of India launched their much-awaited flagship programnme – Digital India. This launch motivated Divyanshu and it became a game changer in his life.

Inspired by the said programme, Divyanshu decided to learn the basics of ‘Digital Marketing’. He undertook the certification course of ‘Digital Marketing’ from a renowned institute so that his concepts should become crystal clear and there should be no issues. He knew that superfluous way of learning the concepts will do more harm than good. After successfully completing the certificate course in Digital Marketing, he decided to execute the learnt things practically. His endeavour worked and it became an out an out success.

Excited by his success, Divyanshu now took a major step and moved towards Google AdSense. Initially with average success, he never lost his hope and kept on moving in his requisite direction. During the self-learning and execution process he took the help of his friends also, who were involved in this particular domain. With passage of time, he understood the functioning of Google AdSense. With his right mix of passion and dedication, his venture started giving results. He was becoming popular and his followers were increasing. With time Divyanshu started earning lucrative amount and this endeavour again turned out to be a major success.

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The intellectual sense of Divyanshu prompted him to pursue the post graduate degree course in Business Administration and henceforth he decided to do the same from one of the best universities in Canada and to fulfil his ambition he is completing all the formalities and paper work to move ahead in the desired direction.

The success story of Divyanshu is like a melodrama where each scene is well scripted and edited to make it a sensational story. His success showcases the fact that hard work with dedication always gives positive result. His right approach at the right time made him an esteemed personality. He is the role model for his followers and this in turn made him an iconic personality.

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