Delhi-NCR drops to “severe,” the Centre’s air quality panel forbids the operation of diesel LMVs

Delhi pollution

The center’s air quality commission has prohibited diesel LMV operation in Delhi-NCR as of this. Thursday since the National Capital’s air quality has remained in the “severe plus” category. In according to a Commission for Air Quality directive, BS-VI vehicles and those utilized for vital and emergency services are excluded.

Except for BS-VI vehicles and those utilized for vital or emergency services. The order forbade the operation of 4-wheeler diesel LMVs. In the NCT of Delhi and the Districts of the NCR bordering Delhi. In addition, the Air Quality Panel mandated that all non-clean fuel industries in the NCR be shut down.

According to a notification from the Air Quality Panel

Fabrication of public projects including motorways, flyovers, electricity transmission lines. Pipelines  prohibited in Delhi-NCR. In light of the worsening pollution in Delhi-NCR, the national. On the contrary state governments may opt to allow their staff to work from home as a result. In con according to the Air quality panel. The CAQM also imposed a ban on diesel-powered medium and heavy freight trucks in the city. The shipment of essential goods is exempt.

In addition to CNG and electric trucks, entrance into Delhi forbidden. The exception is those who are carrying essentials. As Delhi-NCR battles with a thick layer of pollution, schools in Delhi have taken a number of precautions to safeguard kids. Including the suspension of outside activities and the introduction of breathing exercises in the classroom. They think it will impede academic achievement, several schools have also chosen against shutting.

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The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) had earlier. On Wednesday advised the Delhi government to close schools till the capital’s air quality improved. Patients with coughs, nasal congestion, shortness of breath. Also even asthma episodes are flooding Delhi’s hospitals. As Delhi’s air quality remained “severe,” doctors advised resuming the usage of masks as a pollution defense.

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