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Chicago PD season 8: The series introduces its new actor to join the Voight team

Season 8 of Chicago PD, it seems that it still has surprises in store, so for the return of the season in January 2021, we will have a new actor who will join the series. Cleveland Berto.

One of the actors from the movie Terminator: Dark Destiny, Cleveland Berto, is joining season 8 of Chicago PD, to play Officer Jalen Walker.

Officer Jalen Walker will be a very idealistic policeman, practically a great person, very cultured, athlete, studious, intelligent, and family man.

Walker was looking for a way that the Chicago Police Department would not work for Wall Street, as it sought to make a difference and way of thinking.

But, with the news of the new officer that the police department will have, many fans wonder, will there be a change in the way you see the police and the racial issue in the series?

Undoubtedly the appearance of the new character for season 8 of Chicago PD, could open the doors to a change in history that is not only focused on Atwater since he is the only member of color.

The return of Chicago PD will be next Wednesday, January 6, 2021.