Cardi B Throws her Microphone at a Fan who tossed a Drink at her

Suhana Parvin
Suhana Parvin
Cardi B Throws her Microphone at a Fan who tossed a Drink at her

Cardi B is in the news once more. After a video goes viral showing the rapper performing like an authentic quarterback at one of her gigs, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department initiated a criminal investigation. On July 29, 2023, the occurrence took place at an exhibit at a building in the 3500 hinder of Las Vegas Boulevard.

As a result, it appears as though they are playing “Guess the Rapper.” Spoiler alert: The rapper is Cardi B, and she is not shy about showcasing her ability to drop the mic.

Cardi B Throws her Microphone at a Fan who tossed a Drink at her

A daring concertgoer decided it would be a great idea to throw their drink towards Cardi B as she performed. Cardi, however, wasn’t having any of it! She chose to demonstrate her arm power by tossing her microphone back to the brave fan after channelling her inner Tom Brady. Well spoken, Cardi! What a great “mic drop” moment! Let’s just say that more drinks were served that night in addition to the fan’s beverage.

But good fun doesn’t end there. One unfortunate fan was struck in the face by the flying microphone as a result of Cardi’s sudden toss. Ouch! We didn’t even get a chance to put on our helmets, it was like watching a concert turned into a contact sport!

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Cardi B’s Las Vegas concert did not go Unnoticed

Instantaneously after the occurrence, the video of it went viral. Memes and humorous remarks about Cardi’s newfound career as a concert quarterback erupted on social media. NFL, get out of town—we have a new MVP!

Artists have had the experience of deadly objects being thrown at them during performances before. Harry Styles, a singer, reportedly sustained an eye injury after something was hurled at him when he was performing in Vienna. While performing on stage, other performers including Drake, Bebe Rexha, Kelsea Ballerini, and Ava Max additionally encountered such experiences.

Being the masters of social media that they are, Cardi B’s crew expertly retweeted the video. Why not show the world your talent if you have it, as Cardi does? The “Quarterback of Hearts” gear, which will include football shirts with “Cardi B” on the back, is something we’re anxiously anticipating. Take off!

The footage of the incident went viral more quickly than a high school reunion rumour!
When even your microphone-throwing skills go viral, you know you’ve achieved success. PopBase, a popular culture account, agreed and tweeted the video, which received over 110 million views and 420,000 likes. Cardi’s mic throw is the newest internet trend—move over cat videos!

We must commend Cardi B for her ability to control rowdy followers. It’s as if she’s trying to teach us all a lesson: don’t mess with Cardi or you’ll get a mic in the face! What a jaw-dropping mic drop!

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