BTS is all set to release their own book – “Beyond The Story” this July!

BTS is all set to release their own book - “Beyond The Story” this July!


BTS, the sensational K-pop group, is set to captivate fans worldwide with the release of their memoir in South Korea and the United States in July. The announcement by their US publisher has ignited immense anticipation and excitement among the supergroup’s devoted global fanbase.


The American publisher Flatiron Books shared an interesting update on the impending BTS memoir on Instagram on Thursday. Who is excited? was the caption on their post. Fans gave the hashtag “#BTSbook” a lot of attention on social media. It was previously believed that a celebrity book would be released in July, maybe written by Taylor Swift. Pre-orders have driven the memoir to the top of bestseller rankings on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, demonstrating the enormous popularity it has already attracted from readers. According to the book’s Amazon website, it will contain a massive 544 pages. Notably, the release date is significant since it falls on the same day as the ARMY fandom of BTS, which has been around for 10 years, celebrates its founding anniversary. Anton Hur will translate the novel for the US version while working with Clare Richards and Slin Jung.

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BTS fans from all around the world tweeted to share their enthusiasm for the memoir. I’m very excited about the book,” one fan said, expressing their eagerness. Being able to reflect on the previous ten years with BTS is really great. Another admirer expressed anxiety about the book’s intense international competition, expressing the question, “Will I be able to buy it given the intensity of the competition?” The increasing library of BTS-related publications was also the subject of a lighthearted remark from a fan, who said, “With the BTS memoir and all the BTS magazines and photo folios, I’m pretty sure my coffee table is going to be more bookshelf than the table.”


BTS members have been working on personal projects during their current “hiatus,” while two of them have enlisted for South Korea’s required military service. All physically capable men must spend at least 18 months in the military in South Korea. J-Hope, a member of the BTS group and another celebrity, enlisted in the military last month, becoming the second person in the group to do so. According to Billboard, BTS had six No. 1 singles on the Hot 100 chart before their sabbatical, and each of the group’s seven members had a solo success at the top of the charts.



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