Big Reveal Of Salman Khan’s Ex-Girlfriend Somy Ali

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

Actress Somy Ali, who once made her Bollywood debut due to her talent, has revealed a shocking disclosure. Recently he gave a video interview with Peeping Moon. In which Somy has openly mentioned the atrocities that happened to him. He told that when I was 5 years old, Cook used to sex with me 3 times. “At the age of 9, the watchman also molested,” Somy said. He told that I used to live in America with my family. Then at the age of 14, I was raped by a boy in a park.

Parents Refused To Tell Anyone Anything

He said that if I told the housemates about this, the parents refused to tell anyone anything. I kept thinking for years, did I do anything wrong? Why did my family tell me like this? Somy said, ‘Pakistan and Indian cultures are image-based, because of this my parents were protecting me. But I could not understand it. ‘

Salman Khan's Ex-Girlfriend Somy Ali

Still Remember The Smell Of Cook

Somy Ali said that when she goes to write her autobiography, she remembers a dark quarter-full servant in front of her eyes. He said, ‘I still remember the smell of that cook today. I remember, writing about those events is full of darkness. I am associated with an NGO, which helps rape victims.

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Had Relations With Salman Khan

Please tell Somy Ali is an actress of Pakistan origin. She started her career modelling in Mumbai. Somy made her Bollywood debut in 1993 with the debut film Antha. After this, she is seen in Krishna Avatar, Aao Pyaare, Yaar Gaddar, Third Kaun, Agitation, Agrichakra and Chup. However, Somy Ali was the girlfriend of the more famous actor Salman Khan. The two had a breakup in 1999. Somy then moved to the US to study. They have not married yet.

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