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Bhuvan Bam, after YouTube on his way to dominate OTT

Bhuvan Bam : A man certainly aware of the potential magic wand, soo to speak, he's thinking rapidly how to convert it into a viable business.

Zafeer Khan
Zafeer Khan - Content Writer

After the success of Dhindora, YouTube giant and superstar, Bhuvan Bam, or as fans like to call him BB is on his way to juggling stardom on OTT. This particular human being inspired numerous, uncountable people to become creators even with the least amount of resources in hand. After BB ki vines, to YouTube series, and now his new OTT series Taaza Khabar is an absolute success among the audience. Here in this article, we will review his latest masterpiece and look into the making of this star.

Bhuvan Bam starrer Taaza Khabar is a HIT

‘Samajh mein nahi arha…ye wardan hai ya shraap’. Bhuvan is Vasan/Vasya, who lives in a small ‘chawl’ in Mumbai. He is a young man who spent the better part of his life managing a public toilet and doing odd ‘hafta’ collection jobs for the local brothels. Until the day everything changes. Reunited last year’s experimental YouTube series’ Dhindora’s team, directed by Himank Gaur, produced by both Rohit Raj and Bhuvan Bam under BB Ki Vines Productions. Same writers Hussain and Abbas Dalal. And of course, the lead man Bhuvan Bam, who is an amazing content creator, writer, comedian, singer, and actor.

Taaza Khabar is totally as different as possible from the last outing. This time the show is not trying to be different. It’s not altering the form the way they did in Dindora. Rather this is good old tried and tested narrative storytelling where there is a Hero, Heroin, friend, locality, and a corrupted politician, rags to riches, and of course, there is a moral of the story. As any salty Hindi Masala story should there is a little bit of magic.

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Bhuvan Bam

Talking about the series, Bhuvan Bam said: “‘Taaza Khabar’ is a complete entertainer with elements of action, drama and romance. The show captures the ups and downs of human wishes and wants. This is also my digital debut with Disney+ Hotstar, which is a special feeling in itself and the love I have received for this is unimaginable, especially from my co-stars.”


What’s the magic behind the Taaza Khabar

“Mere paas ek wardan hai,…mereko sab khabar, waqt se pehle milta hai “. These mainstream storytelling devices plot points characters from feeling dull or dated. Thanks to the skillful implementation. Hussain and Abbas Dalal approached the foolproof traditional narrative conventions and stick super tight and super hard to the plus points trusting what is known to work. Call to Adventure, Icarus, the temptress magic, realism, and messages of religious Harmony. They’re all dexterously assimilated to offer not just an entertaining storyline but also insightful social-political commentary.

Taaza Khabar displays rather exemplary attention to detail. A trait that was visible in Dhindora as well. When in that series my new details like a Tata Nano car driving with a large truck’ horn were added in to generate absurdist humor about things in people living ‘aukaat ke bahar’.


Bhuvan Bam’s own story in Taaza Khabar

Where the team failed

Like the characters, the music of Taaza Khabar has been carefully curated as well as Divya Kumar, Devnegie, and Bhuvan himself, and feature on this really fun album. I particularly enjoyed the theme music credited to Saurabh Lokhande and Jarvis Menezes on Spotify. Having said that the songs are 100% male. Unless I miss something major, I don’t think I heard a single feminine vocal throughout this expansive album which unfortunately lends the entire series a layer of that avoidable ‘Londa’ vibe. Highlighting the drawback of having an all-male creative team which unfortunately was also an issue I had with Dhindora.

Bhuvan Bam

While some fans did not hesitate from praising the web series. A Twitter user wrote, “#BhuvanBam and his attempt at reinventing himself beyond self-made fictional characters are truly praiseworthy. While #TaazaKhabar does take the predictable route with themes of magic and miracles, I can only see Bhuvan as a creator & actor reach greater heights from here on out.”

Another tweeted, “Bhuvan bam ki acting is fire. I can totally see this guy working on mega projects. Bhuvan as vasant shines in taaza khabar. The cinematography and the tone are amazing. The screenplay despite having flaws was really good. Excited for season 2.”



The performer you see here now is ready for actual stardom as a serious actor. Perhaps, even the new audience is just so impressed with his work. The actor has truly bared his soul and if I may use that cliche. Overall, Taaza Khabar is a complete package of how we expect Hindi entertainment to be. Bhuvan Bam and Shreya Pilgaonkar are looking amazing. The show is 100% worth the watch, currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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