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“Beat around the bush” a euphonic song by TyviOctober


TyviOctober has risen to unprecedented heights in the music industry since his debut in 2000, winning the hearts of people all around the world. Since then he is very well-known, for his unmatchable and outstanding production of wonderful music. His original name is Tyrone Robert but he is famous with the nameTyviOctober among his fans, followers, and music industry. TyviOctober belongs to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is a dancer, a rapper, and a songwriter. Musicians like Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, and rappers like Jay-Z and Lil Wayne inspired him greatly.TyviOctober is an incredibly gifted musician whose commitment to music is unquestionable.

TyviOctoberis in fact an inborn multi-talented artist, who is an expert in both increating unusual music of different types as well as a wonderful hip-hop music dancer. He is currently an unsigned artist with a chill-step, lo-fi, and laid-back style of music. He has stirred the trends of the music industry from the day his very first masterpiece single “Crazy life “ was out. Since then he has released numerous hit songs. One other song that took the listeners to the new horizons of ecstasy is “chill tyvi”.

TyviOctober’s track “beat around the bush” has left the lovers of music amazed. The song is an epitomic blend of master class melody, lyrics, beat, and music. Once listened to, the song will take you to the heights of whirling and imagination. The response that TyviOctober got from his fans on the song is beyond the limits of what he expected before the song was posted on social media. The song is available on his official YouTube channel. The track can also listen to on other music websites like Spotify, iTunes, etc.

TyviOctober is accompanied by a team of highly professional musicians. No doubt it is the result of the collective work of his relentless team that his success is touching the new milestones with each passing day.  He doesn’t always self-produce the songs. Indeed there is a great contribution of his vigorous team in all his production and efforts. And he always appreciates and extends gratitude to his hardworking collaboration who selflessly put their skills to provide the listeners with charming and enthusiastic music.


Talking about the feedback from the listeners regarding his work, TyviOctober is fortunate enough to hear accolading remarks from his fans and followers who are residing across every corner of the world. Due to his exemplary contribution to music, he is listened to and followed in vast numbers on different social sites. You can also follow him on his Instagram account. Moreover, you can also visit his website TyviOctober in order to catch up on the playlists and updates of his multi-generic music.

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