Asur 2 Review: ‘Asur 2’ stood on the thrill front, strong performances by Barun Sobti and Arshad Warsi


Asur 2 is one of the web series whose second part was eagerly awaited. The first season came in 2020 and the second season has streamed after three full years. However, this time the venue has changed. Asur is back in the second season with his new attitude and style. The mood of the characters of Arshad and Barun have also changed. Challenges in personal life haven’t dampened her determination to fight alongside Asura.

While ‘Asur Season-1’ was released on Voot, ‘Asur 2’ has come on Jio Cinema. You can measure the popularity of any series by the discussion about it. The duo of misdeed and mythos in Asur is liked by the audience. ‘Asur 2’ takes this trend forward. The maker of the second season is Gaurav Shukla, while the director is Oni Sen.

Storyline of ‘Asur 2’

Asur 2′ starts from where the first season comes to an end. A serial killer is on the run drubbing his face behind a mask. Barun Sobti is a forensic expert(Nikhil Nair) in the show. His relationship with his wife Naina (Anupriya Goenka) has worsened due to the loss of their daughter. Naina is an expert in computers.

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The past is catching up with Nikhil. CBI officer Dhananjay Rajput (Arshad Warsi) has taken a devotional way to escape the bitter memories of the past. Meantime, the CBI is behind Asur as he is out hunting once again. Nikhil is trying to resolve the case by staying within the extent of the rules, while Dhananjay does not want to attach himself to the chain of rules anymore. Naina supports him in this. The platform has released all the remaining episodes on Jio Cinema.

How is Asur 2 compared to the first season?

Each episode of Season 2 begins with Shubh’s past, In which DJ and Nikhil are trying to save the world from Asura. Shubh is always ahead of the CBI team.

‘Asur’ is written by Gaurav Shukla and Abhijeet Khuman. This time the writers have threaded artificial intelligence making the story more contemporary. ‘Asura’ is cherishing the dream of destroying the world by taking support of this. Asura can also be included in those series. Whose first and second seasons did not have much difference. The sting of thrill in the show is not less, if not more than before.

How is the acting of Arshad and Barun?

The backbone of ‘Asur 2’ is its actors, who have set the mood of the story with their actions. Barun Sobti impress in his character. As a broken father, but a man determined to fight the demon, Barun has successfully captured the emotion. Arshad Warsi is the finest actor and leaves an impact on his characters. Here too, he has been successful in highlighting the foolishness of the character of a CBI officer. The series has many dedicated fan following. The second season will not disappoint the fans.

Final review of the series

Cast; Arshad Warsi, Barun Sobti, Anupriya Goenka etc.

Director – Oni Sen

Platform – Jio Cinema

Duration- Approximately one hour per episode

Rating – Four

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