Airtel And Intel Save Signed a Collaboration To Stimulate 5G Deployment In India

Chris Steward
Chris Steward
Airtel And Intel

People are more than curious to know when and how will 5G technology reach our country. To avail of this market opportunity, India’s leading provider of communication services; Airtel, partnered up with Intel to develop 5Gnetworks using vRAN / ORANtechnologies on 21st July 2021.

Moving further, this collaborative effort is part of Airtel’s 5G blueprint for India, since the company converts its networks to enable customers to be entitled to the absolute advantages of an interconnected world where Industry 4.0, cloud gaming, and virtual augmented reality are commonplace. Airtel is the first telecom operator in India to display 5G on a LIVE network and it is currently undergoing 5G trials in metropolitan areas.

What Is v-RAN or O-Ran Technology?

V-RAN technology implies Virtual Radio Access Network, wherein the physical model of the network is replaced with a hardware or software interface. Simply put, rather than wiring to connect the area, we are going to employ virtualization. Consequently, it would bring plenty of benefits by centralization of the network on a single hardware platform.

O-RAN Technology entails an Open- Radio Access Network, which focuses on flexibility in networking. Instead of monopoly by a couple of vendors owning certain hardware and software appliances, network operators can even opt for economical stuff. As the network is open, accordingly, the product of any third-party vendor is compatible with the main RAN (Random Access Network) infrastructure. Keeping the superiority of these networks in mind, Airtel has partnered up along with Intel to develop Make In India 5G Technical Products for the nation.

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Statement Of Heads of Both Organizations

RandeepSekhon, CTOofBhartiAirtel stated, “Airtel is delighted to have Intel as a part of its rapidly expanding partner ecosystem for 5G. Intel’s cutting-edge technologies and experience will contribute immensely to Airtel’s mission of serving India with world-class 5G services. We also look forward to working with Intel and home-grown companies to unlock India’s potential as a global 5G hub.”

DanRodriguez, Vice-President of IntelCorporate Network Platforms Group said quoted, “Being able to digitally power the vibrant population of India’s connected users requires scalable and agile networks that can evolve to address the growing demands of its users. Airtel is delivering their next-generation enhanced network with a breadth of Intel technology, including Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and FlexRAN software to optimize RAN workloads with embedded intelligence, to scale their infrastructure and deliver on the promise of a connected India.”

How Would It Impact Indian Audience?

This year will probably bring 5G network in the country, as top telecommunications organizations are hinting towards network up-gradation. As I’ve mentioned in the blog, airtel is uniting with Intel. Sooner or later, several other giants; for instance, Jiotelecom, Vodaphone, Idea would also reveal or come up with their 5G strategies.

Not to mention, approximately340 a million of the population in India is using smartphones. Hence, it’s a win-win situation for telecom operators as well as their partners in terms of revenue. Moreover, customers would also gain through higher transmission speed, higher bandwidth, wireless technology, elevated capacity, and many more exciting features.

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