Adnan Zafar: What Products Does Ken Doll Dubai Use?

Ronnie Robbins
Ronnie Robbins

Foreo is a Swedish company that prides itself on being so innovative, it actually created a new genre of products called beauty-tech. The one and only Adnan Zafar, well known as @ken_doll_dubaiii, has been featured on the official Instagram page of Foreo France, Foreo Philippines and Forero Middle East.

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We sat down with Zafar and asked him what incredible products gave him his signature look.

First in his box of preferred skincare products is the Luna Men that he uses every day in the morning. He uses it to deep cleanse his face.

Luna Men is a device that contains silicone bristles. When applied, it makes the skin supple and clean.

Then comes the Foreo IRIS. It is a device that he uses to massage his under-eye area to reduce wrinkles and to give a glow to his under-eye area.

The Foreo IRIS is a state-of-the-art high-tech eye massager. It specializes in reducing bags under your eyes after a long day at work.

The third product definitely looks like something from outer space. It is called Foreo UFO. The Foreo UFO uses T-sonic pulsation, LED lights and a Temperature control feature to infuse the ingredients of the face mask deep into your skin.

This is not new. Ken Doll Dubai is questioned time and again about how he maintains his handsome looks. He credits certain top brands like Obagi Medical Spa. The main components are regular exercise, sleep, and diet.

Zafar gained online fame for becoming the first Pakistani online personality to collaborate with Danish jewellery brand Pandora.

Ken Doll Dubai is known especially for his handsome, doll-like looks. He is based in Dubai, where he makes content related to lifestyle, fashion, cosmetics and food.

He regularly endorses upcoming and promising brands. His most recent endorsement was for the UAE-based startup EmPay, which offers users the ability to pay for bills and services like food, on a single integrated platform.

Zafar is an inspiring man. He motivates followers with his words and makes fun of his haters. His message is clear. Stay real and stay creative.

Recently, Ken Doll Dubai travelled to England to attend a BBC London event. There he was the only Pakistani representing his country. Several international social media icons were also present there.

The event gave him a huge confidence boost. But he also recognized another thing.

Pakistani online celebrities receive great recognition from other countries. Zafar himself enjoys mass following in India, South Asia and elsewhere. But, they are not much appreciated in Pakistan.

Adnan Zafar hopes that this will change someday.

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