Actress Ruchi Singh Rathore bio, age, Vital, net worth and education

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Chris Steward
Actress Ruchi Singh Rathore

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them”, the aforementioned quote speaks volumes about the strength of mind and vision by those who strive to turn their dreams into reality, star sensation Ruchi Singh Rathore is no exception.

Ruchi Singh Rathore is a scintillating model who has been enchanting her fans with her exquisite looks. Her body, looks, and acting skills admiringly destine her to be a perfect fit for the film industry.

Ruchi Singh Rathore actress
Actress Ruchi Singh Rathore

She has proved her mettle by winning several beauty pageants and is acing the modeling world today. Ruchi was born in the Bahraich city of Ranchi in the year 2000 and she’s a girl with a million dreams.

“I was born in a small town and my family has humble beginnings, but unlike most girls, my parents have been extremely supportive towards my dream of becoming an actress. I am extremely grateful for their support and I am optimistic that with their faith in me, I shall move mountains”, says Ruchi talking about how she is highly motivated in the acting industry which is growing fiercely competitive.

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Super model Ruchi Singh Rathore
Super model Ruchi Singh Rathore

Ruchi takes us back to memory lane by mentioning her love for acting and her hustle from an early age to make it big in the modeling and acting industry. ” My aim is to make my parents proud of the girl they have given birth to and to display my skills so that I can make a mark. To achieve that I am dedicating myself to the perseverance that will take me to heights, it’s been a wonderful journey as yet and I am excited and ready to make the most of prospecting projects which fuel my passion “, asserts Ruchi.

It is because of her jaw-dropping looks that Ruchi has amassed a huge fan following on her social media platforms and is getting more traction each day as her talent is being noticed.

Indian Super Model Ruchi Singh Rathore
Indian Super Model Ruchi Singh Rathore

A humble human, Ruchi Singh Rathore is a firm believer of the mantra ‘I don’t believe in things are meant to happen, I believe in making it happen’, keeping such spirit in her mind, she has already bagged some big projects and is on the path to achieving more.

Ruchi currently lives in the city of nawabs; Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh and their passion for acting stemmed from her childhood where she participated in various skits/ plays all through her school and college life.

Ruchi Singh Rathore actress
Ruchi Singh Rathore actress

She’s a graduate who always found her soul in acting and has been winning hearts with her bold and elegant looks. A star sensation, Ruchi is a star for her admirers and she’s trudging a path of success, Ruchi has also aced some music videos and she surprises her fans each time with something big and beautiful. With such a headstrong vision and a desire towards perfection, Ruchi’s career is set to skyrocket with big leaps.

Ruchi Singh Rathore Early Life

Ruchi Singh Rathore is an actress and model. She was born in Bahraich. Ruchi had been an avid movie lover since her childhood, who would not miss her favorite movies on TV. she participated in many acting competitions and skits and plays in her school and college. She always dreamt about having a huge fan following, having lots of people praise her for her work. Ruchi comes from a simple family, and in many interviews, she has claimed that her parents always supported her in her quest to become an actress and Model.

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Ruchi Singh Rathore is very interested in modeling too and has won various competitions and beauty pageants. Her career as a beauty pageant model has been quite successful.

Ruchi Singh Rathore Vitals

Ruchi Singh Rathore  Vitals Details
Ruchi Singh Rathore Date of Birth 14 August 2000
Age 22 Years
Height 5’6
Weight 54 KG
Breast 32
Biceps 9 Inch
Waist 28
Hips 34
Eyes Colour Dark Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Birthplace Bahraich
Current City Lucknow Uttar Pradesh
School English Medium school
Religion Hindu
Relationship Unmarried
Father Name Harinath Singh Rathore
Mother Name Mamta Singh Rathore
Ruchi Singh Rathore Occupation Indian Model and Actress
Citizenship Indian
Company Indian film & Television Industry
Profession Model/Actress

Favorite Things

1 Food: Pani Puri
2 City Dubai, Goa
3 Actors/Actress: Emraan Hashmi, Sara Ali khan
4. Singer: Arijit Singh
5. Flims: Crime
6. Direcor: Sanjay Leela Bansali
7. Ride: Mercedes
8. Sports: swimming
9. Smoke: No
10. Alcohol: No

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