Actress Quinn Talks In-Depth Preparation for Film ‘Say My Name’ on Ajay Tambe’s Podcast

Mohima Parvin
Mohima Parvin

In a recent episode of Ajay Tambe’s podcast, Australian actress and musician Quinn discussed her transformative role in the film Say my Name . The conversation provided insights into her unique preparation process and the integration of her musical talents into her acting.


Quinn, known for her award-winning role in Say My Name, delved into the meticulous work behind her character Mel in Say My Name. “After attending the book launch, the author gave me a copy of her book, which I read thoroughly. Being a composer and musician, I wrote a piece of music for every chapter in the book, reflecting my interpretation,” Quinn shared.

Her preparation extended beyond reading and composing. Quinn and the author visited a scenic spot on the south coast of Sydney to discuss the film’s vision and the author’s past. “Through powerful conversations, I tapped into her spirit and her experiences, which helped me connect with the character,” Quinn explained.

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To fully embody Mel, Quinn immersed herself in environments akin to her character’s experiences. “I spent time in hostels, experiencing the lifestyle of someone homeless and struggling. This firsthand experience was crucial in understanding Mel’s mindset,” she said.

Quinn’s approach to acting is deeply intertwined with her practice of meditation. “I use meditation to enter a state of flow, allowing me to access the character organically. This method, though different from classical acting, was essential for this film,” she noted.

Reflecting on her transformation, Quinn stated, “The character feels natural and distinct from myself. The poster and the aura I portrayed were something else entirely.”

Ajay praised Quinn’s dedication, noting the visible impact of her preparation. “Your thorough preparation, from composing music to understanding the author’s life, clearly reflects in your performance,” he remarked.

Quinn also discussed the true story behind Say My Name, which follows a young girl who endured abuse and homelessness. “The film aims to inspire hope, showing that despite any hardships, there’s always a way through. We included some triggering scenes, but they are crucial to the narrative,” she explained.

Seming has garnered positive reactions, with applause at nearly every screening. “As an actress in my first role, knowing my work has an impact is incredibly meaningful,” Quinn shared.

Quinn’s conversation with Ajay Tambe highlighted her dedication and the unique blend of her musical and acting talents. Her detailed preparation and impactful performance in Say My Name underscore her rising status in the industry.

About Quinn :

Quinn is a multidimensional human, artist, visionary, and passionate lover

of an expertly crafted coffee made with love.

She was born in Melbourne, Australia, before her family moved to a regional town where she spent much of her childhood climbing trees, cultivating a vegetable garden, burying herself in historical novels and films, and orchestrating musical concerts for her family and friends.

Quinn, known for her vintage aesthetic and love of retrofuturism, is also an internationally published model and award-winning pin-up competition participant.

In 2019, Quinn was invited to model for Curators’ Talk celebrating the release of the critically acclaimed film, The Dressmaker, with Writer, Rosalie Ham, Film Director, Jocelyn Moorhouse and Costume Designer, Marion Boice.

Quinn’s love of film shone through at an early age. She enjoyed re-enacting various scenes from the books she read or films she watched with her grandmother and friends, many of which were period dramas or prohibition-era-centred films. Her talent for acting was recently discovered through a serendipitous meeting with an author who came up with a powerful life story during a radio interview in Sydney, Australia.

It was that meeting that led to her first lead acting role in the recent Australian short film, called Say My Name, which has been garnering international recognition and critical acclaim.

Quinn recently received her first award as Best Actress in Milan, Italy, as well as a Nomination for Best Actress in, Athens, Greece, for her lead role as “Mel” in the film based on the powerful true story, Sleeping Under the Bridge.

Quinn continues to develop her acting craft through acting masterclasses,

both online and with Risa Bramon Garcia and Steve Braun based in Los Angeles, CA, USA.

As part of her artistic ethos, Quinn dedicates herself to the consistent practice of meditation, mantra, mindfulness, and breath work, and she incorporates elements of the Alexander Technique focussing on posture, poise, and the intentional use of the body through conscious awareness.

Quinn is a member of Women in Film and Television Australia (WIFT) and is making her official debut as director with her upcoming feature film,

Dancing in the Rain, this year.

For me, performing is about the authentic, inspired delivery of the story in the moment.

It’s about the connection I feel with my audience and the people I am working with.

That’s magick for me.”

– Quinn


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