Actress Isla Hughes Breaks Down Character Development Process on Ajay Tambe’s Podcast

Mohima Parvin
Mohima Parvin

Isla Hughes, the emerging English actress, recently appeared on Ajay Tambe’s podcast, sharing insights about her challenging role in the sci-fi film Event. Despite being in different countries—the discussion provided a deep dive into her character development process and the film’s thematic depth.


“The film Event was a really interesting one because I really had to dig deep with that character,” Hughes said. “I’m very analytical with my characters in my process. My character wasn’t a lead; she was the girlfriend of the lead, but still integral to the plot. It was easy for the audience to fall into the trap of disliking her because she’s not kind at all throughout the film.”

Hughes highlighted the film’s exploration of belief systems and their impact on personal relationships and worldviews. “Even though it’s about sci-fi and aliens, the real question is, what do you do when your beliefs suddenly change, and how does that change your world around you?” she explained.

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Playing such a closed-minded character posed a significant challenge for Hughes, who considers herself open-minded. “Kate was so closed-minded, and I’m the opposite. I love exploring different cultures and speaking to various artists. Suddenly having to close myself off was a real challenge, but very satisfying to work through.”

Recounting a pivotal scene, Hughes said, “When I did my big monologue scene, it was heavy. I remember the camera cutting the first time and thinking, ‘Okay, I’ve done something there because I wasn’t there.'”

Ajay Tambe inquired about the difficulty of transitioning into such a character. Hughes admitted, “It scared me because acting is all about listening and responding. How do you play someone who is not affected by anything anyone says? I had to physically relax everything and not fully acknowledge the other actors, which felt disrespectful but worked for Kate.”

Despite joining the project late, Hughes dedicated herself to extensive preparation. “I spent every day for at least four hours going through the script, asking why, and figuring out how she’d react to things. You spend so much time on a character like that, and then it’s over just like that.”

The discussion also touched on her role in Press On Nails, where Hughes played Maeve, a sarcastic, edgy character. “Maeve was quite confident and very different from Kate. I related to her in a lot of ways. It was easier because I have a lot of sarcasm,” Hughes laughed.

Press On Nails centers on a woman supporting a man pursuing his dream of becoming a drag queen in an unsupportive environment. “It’s about two people helping each other make a choice for themselves,” Hughes explained. “The core message is making a choice for yourself, which I really relate to.”

Isla Hughes’ commitment to her roles and ability to portray diverse characters underscore her rising status in the industry. Her conversation with Ajay Tambe offers a fascinating glimpse into the meticulous work behind bringing complex characters to life.

About Isla Hughes :

Isla Jane Randall “Izzy” Hughes (born October 14, 2002) is an English actress with a rich and diverse heritage, including Scottish, Welsh, Italian, and Indian roots. Born in Duston, Northampton, England, Hughes was raised by Ellie Hughes, Jo Randall, and Andrew Douglas. She grew up with two older half-siblings in a family that nurtured her love for the performing arts.

From the tender age of three, Hughes began her journey in musical theatre, performing in community theatre productions and receiving formal lessons. Her passion and talent led her to The Brighton Academy, where she pursued a degree in Performing Arts after completing her public school education at 16.

In November 2020, Hughes’ career took a significant step forward when she signed with renowned acting agent and manager Elaine Eaglestone at Eaglestone Management. Although she initially continued her theatre studies into 2021, Hughes eventually decided to leave formal education to pursue hands-on experience in the industry, shifting her focus to film and television performances.


About the Podcast :

Creative podcast is a diverse and engaging platform that offers a wide range of audio content suitable for teens, kids, and adults. Created and produced by Ajay Tambe, the podcast features a variety of genres including audio dramas, feel-good stories, spiritual narratives, bedtime stories, original audio series, and interviews with global actors, producers, artists, and authors

The podcast stands out for its commitment to storytelling that speaks to the audience, offering content in both English and Hindi. It covers a broad spectrum of themes such as feel-good romance, crime, mysteries, adventure, fantasy fiction, Christmas stories, history, mythology, and interviews with global artists.

Some of the specific series mentioned include “Sherlock Holmes,” “Christmas stories,” “Arabian Nights,” “Adventures of Sinbad,” “Freedom Fighters,” and “Interviews with Global Artists,” showcasing the podcast’s wide-ranging appeal

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