Actor Turned Director Syed Hamid Ansari Shares His Success Story

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Actor And Director Hamid Hasan

The film industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. They have the responsibility to entertain and educate us. Directors like Hamid work solely to benefit people and give them a story they can carry with them forever.

Syed Hamid Hasan, famously known as Hamid HN, plays a noteworthy role in the film industry. He is an actor turned director. He was born and raised in a middle-class household in Kolkata, West Bengal. He says that Kolkata has become a prime attraction for not just Bengali films but, also for movies from other regional languages and worldwide film projects.

Since his childhood, he has always been attracted and fascinated by the movies on the big screen. He recalls that he used to sneak out of school with his friends to see movies in the theatre with the pocket money he had saved for days and sometimes months. He would watch all of his favorite movies over and over again.

As a lad, he had little to no knowledge of the movie business. He says that he had to go through many hardships and struggles before his first break in the Bengali film industry. He states that, unlike the youngsters today, he did not have access to the Internet back then through which he could connect with people of similar interests. Hamid says that today’s generation is fortunate to have ample opportunities to rise to fame and glory.

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Hamid began his journey by working with various drama groups and collaborating in the lower tiers of the Bengali film industry. He had a knack for creativity, and due to his creative talent, he quickly rose through the ranks and had the opportunity to work with some of the best directors of the Bengali film industry. Two of his renowned films known for his actions are ‘Bhalobhasha Ki Aagey Bhuji Nei’ and ‘Maatribhumi’.

He learned the crafts of direction from the directors he worked with and put it to action soon. Hamid believes that Kolkata is inarguably the ideal destination for directing his movies since it symbolizes and ignites the spirit of our country and will definitely interest the global audience due to our country’s cultural resources, inhabitants, and spectacular scenery. He is efficient because he can bring out the best in every actor and portray the story in a way that stays with you for a lifetime. Our nation needs more dedicated and hard-working directors like him.

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