Acclaimed Haryanvi producer Inderjeet Singh Rao’s Latest Song,”BIRTHDAY” Released on Gem Tunes

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

It’s celebration time for the music lovers! Haryanvi producer Inderjeet Singh Rao has released a new song -“Birthday.” The song has been officially released by Gem Tunes, Haryana’s most popular YouTube channel. The music director is none other than Haryanvi superstar B2together. The song’s enticing title, also the artists involved in it such as Kaka Wrld, Pranjal Dahiya, and Megha Kishore, indicate that the song is going to be a definite blockbuster.

No doubt Kaka Wrld and Megha Kishore are the most lauded Haryanvi singers today and you know what! They are the composers of this new song. Not only that, Pranjal Dahiya has featured in the song, which will definitely add to the euphoria of Haryanvi fans. Pranjal Dahiya’s contribution to this Haryanvi song has undoubtedly increased interest of the global audience in it.

Kaka Wrld and Megha Kishore made a recent release of a new song on the Gem Tunes Haryanvi label. Audience is listening to this music on Gem Tunes, the official Haryanvi YouTube channel. The full audio and video of “Birthday” song by Kaka Wrld will be accessible for the first time at Gem Tunes.

Kaka Wrld became an overnight star when his “Bholenath” song went viral. The song’s passionate voice and poignant lyrics have pulled a million Shiva worshipers closer to him. Even to this date, this wonderful music is played in almost every temple in Haryana. There are a lot of religious Haryanvi music listeners that adore this composition.

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Pranjal Dahiya, the leading artist, is also on the song. She broke into the spotlight after the YouTube music video “52 Gaj Ka Daman” became popular. A million people liked and shared the song on YouTube, and it quickly spread like fire to other social media platforms. Pranjal Dahiya, the leading artist, is also on the song.

The song “Birthday” will be distributed to audiences via the music giant Gem Tunes. They have established themselves as pioneers in the music industry. The label has released several fantastic tunes, including “Razzi Bolja,” “Z Black”, and “Supne”.

Inderjeet Singh Rao, the producer of the “Birthday” song, is overjoyed to release the music via Haryana’s top YouTube channel, Gem Tunes. This label’s success record backs him to assume that his song is going to be a major hit going forward.

The label has released more than 10,000 videos to date, with 150+ million views on YouTube. This new tune can only be a booster to Gem Tunes‘ already remarkable popularity. This song’s melody has moved thousands of users on social media. We keep our fingers crossed and anticipate the song to reach a million hearts in the next few days.

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