A Must-Read for Doctors: Abhinav V Pathare’s Research Paper Offers Solutions to Address Flaws in Medical Interventions

Abhinav V Pathare's Research Paper Offers Solutions to Address Flaws in Medical Interventions


An Indian researcher named Abhinav V Pathare, who received training in the UK, has recently published a research article in the International Journal of Advanced Research in Medicine. This article, titled “Medical Interventions and Their Poor Scientific Backup: A Threat to Evidence-Based Medicine”, discusses the shortcomings of medical interventions and raises concerns about patient well-being and evidence-based medicine. Abhinav’s study recommends collaborative solutions to address these challenges.

Abhinav’s research indicates that only 15% of medical procedures are backed by strong scientific evidence, meaning that 85% of procedures may be risky or ineffective. This demonstrates the need for healthcare practices to prioritize patient safety.

Abhinav’s work brings to light a persistent problem in the medical community. For years, the lack of a solid scientific foundation for many medical interventions has been a topic of discussion. Abhinav emphasizes that doctors often rely on outdated information or subjective opinions instead of the most recent evidence-based research.

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To address these issues, Abhinav suggests improving doctors’ abilities to read research papers, implementing targeted educational initiatives, and using more accessible language in scientific publications. These collaborative solutions aim to equip healthcare professionals with the necessary tools to navigate the complex medical research landscape effectively.

Abhinav’s research has broader implications beyond the medical field. By promoting evidence-based medicine, we can achieve better healthcare outcomes, enhanced patient safety, and a more efficient allocation of resources. His dedication to raising awareness and driving change is commendable, and his work has the potential to impact countless lives positively.

Abhinav’s research serves as a call to action, urging us to re-evaluate our approach to medical interventions and healthcare decision-making. By supporting his efforts and embracing evidence-based medicine, we can work towards a future where patient well-being is paramount.

Abhinav’s work reminds us that our health is invaluable, and we must continue to push for advancements in medical practices based on solid scientific evidence. As a society, it is our responsibility to support and recognize the value of research that seeks to improve healthcare outcomes for all.

Let us heed Abhinav’s call for collaboration, research literacy, and evidence-based medicine as we navigate the complex world of healthcare, working together to ensure a healthier future for ourselves and future generations.

Abhinav Vitthalrao Pathare is a public health and community medicine researcher from India. He earned a Master of Science in Applied Public Health from the University of Central Lancashire, England, in 2020 with a merit classification. Currently, Abhinav works as a Principal Investigator at Public Health India (PHI), an Indian research organization.

Abhinav has authored several scientific articles on various public health and community medicine topics, including revisiting public health dietary guidelines, exploring the low-carbohydrate high-fat approach, addressing issues of obesity and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, promoting health through the healthy setting approach, encouraging health-promoting universities, and discussing sports nutrition. Abhinav aims to improve public health outcomes through informed programs, policies, and strategies.


Abhinav can be reached at +91 9422835840; his email address is [email protected]. He can also be found on ResearchGate, Google Scholar, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.


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