A Dream on Screen: ‘Media Manthan News’ By Sudhir Bishnoi

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

Sudhir Bishnoi, a model, journalist and youtuber has become the known face in the whole media industry. This all happened because of his dedication and efforts. A common man living in the Blue City, Jodhpur has always dreamt of doing something unique. With a perception of bringing something good to mankind, Sudhir Bishnoi started his own youtube channel and started journalism.

Passing his Double M.A in journalism, he had a keen interest in the media industry and joined one media channel. With the experience and positive attitude he started doing freelance journalism. This opened the doors of success for him. As he started covering all the neglected topics of the society. This resulted in the growth of the channel and soon he became the young media face of India. Son of a farmer, Sudhir Bishnoi has witnessed the struggles his father did and the problems his family faced. His father chose the Army career for him but he decided to create his own destiny and switched his mind to media. Sudhir Bishnoi not only created a success path for himself but also he gave employment to many of the freelancers. During lockdown he reported in the minor segments of the society and with that he covered the neglected topics of the society. Many great business people also raised their voice in the favor of these poor people.

Earlier during his college times he also did modelling in the haryanvi industry as well as he went into politics to have clear information about the society. The things he witnessed gave him a kick start and his decision to do something for the society and mankind also started growing stronger. ‘Media Manthan’ has now become a brand for the people that covers the unusual and unnoticed topic. Sudhi Bishnoi claimed that he always wanted to achieve success by doing something good for the society and with his dream of ‘Media Manthan News’’, he wanted to create a history. Sudhir Bishnoi faced failures but with his failure he learnt the lesson of his life. He takes failures as the next step for success.

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