10 Best Guide For Sweet Packaging

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10 Best Guide For Sweet Packaging

Halloween is almost here and the joy of going trick or treating with your little ones is exhilarating. Of course, we need to give some attention to the various packaging supplies that allow us to receive and enjoy the various types of candy in our Halloween trick or treat bags. Candy suppliers use different types of packaging and with each packaging, customers have a chance to enjoy the most delicious sweets. Here are some of the common types of packaging used to wrap candies and other types of treats.

  1. Hanging Bags

Hanging bags can be found in grocery stores and other numerous retail locations. These are plastic bags sealed on both ends and at the back using a middle seam. They have a pre-cut hole allowing them to hang easily from hooks so they are easy to display. They hold multiple pieces of pre-wrapped candy inside to preserve freshness.

  1. Pillow Bags And Pouches

Pillow pouches or bags are yet another common type of candy packaging option. They hold pre-wrapped candies in bundles so you should be able to buy more pieces at once. They are specifically named after their resembling a pillow. You will find them lying flat in a grocery store and often hold individually wrapped gummy candies or mini chocolate bars.

  1. Gusseted Poly Bags

They are also referred to as flat-bottom bags since they have a tucked-in pleat usually pressed flat. It allows the bag to expand to a bigger size allowing a larger carrying capacity. That way, you can keep the shape of a box if necessary. They can be tied, heat-sealed, taped shut or stapled. They are the best choice of poly bag for people looking to put more candy in a single bag. Gusseted poly bags can be found near a pick-n-mix station where you can fill up a bag of different types of candies to bring home with you.

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      4. Reclosable Zipper Bags And Pouches

These are essential for candy products since they allow customers to have convenient access to their products and preserve freshness. Zipper closures allow customers to rely on portion control or eat their candy on the go.

  1. Candy Trays

Candy trays can be ordered in multiple sizes or in bulk and are often custom molded to match your products. These plastic trays can be found inside deluxe two-piece or gift boxes that have individual candies inside. They are mostly used with assorted chocolate and other candies in gift boxes where their manufacturers can display each individual candy or chocolate alone to show a clean appearance.

  1. Twist Ties Or Heat Sealers

 Whenever a poly bag is used to wrap candies, it should be closed properly to keep the candies from falling out. Twist ties and heat sealers come in handy here. Twist ties are simple applications without a lot of travel time and are affordable for closing your bag. If you have candies that have longer shelf lives, a heat sealer is the best choice to create an air-tight and durable seal in the bag. As such, it will help preserve the taste and freshness of your candy for a long time.

  1. Flexible Pouches

Flexible pouches are perfect for holding different types of candies or sweet treats. They are often manufactured with zipper-seal closures to keep the interior contents fresh for consumption. They have the best printing options so you can add some attractive branding to the pouch. Most of these pouches can stand up on their own and often improve shelf appearance.

  1. Foil Wrappers

Foil wrappers are often used to preserve the freshness and the taste of different types of candies. They can be wrapped around chocolates and other delicious treats. They come in different colors and sizes. They can also be customized with printing for any application.

  1. Plastic Tubes

Plastic tubes are great for gift presentations. They come with a resealable lid so are ideal for larger quantities. The plastic tube keeps the sweets fresh. Bespoke printing options make this a versatile option. Find out more at https://www.plastechgroup.com/plastic-tubes/tube-cores.

  1. Gift Boxes

 Retailers often use gift boxes to store candy since they are very presentable. Gift boxes are also available in different sizes and colors. You can also customize them with labels or printing options. They don’t have an air-tight seal so you should combine them with smaller polybags if you want to preserve the freshness and the taste of your candy.

Use these and many more wrapping options for candies for the best presentation.

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