Who was Jesus Christ? When and where was Jesus Christ born?

The Birthday Of Jesus Christ, Who Spread The Message Of Humanity As The Originator Of Christianity And The Son Of The Supreme Father God, Is Celebrated Every Year On 25 December.

Christmas Day, The Biggest Festival Of Christianity, Is Organized On The Occasion Of The Birthday Of Jesus Christ On December 25.

Jesus Christ Is Revered All Over The World As The Founder Of Christianity And Christians Worship Him As The Holy Son Of God The Father.

In His Short Lifetime, Jesus Christ, Who Spread The Message Of Humanity To The Entire Mankind, Had Preached To The People In Simple Language By Roaming Around The Place.

Many Sermons Were Given By Jesus Christ In The Form Of God'S Son For The Betterment Of The Whole Humanity And Christianity Was Established. During His Lifetime, He Gave The Message Of Humanity To The General Public In Simple Language. Read More

Jesus Christ Is Also Called Jesus Or Yeshua In The Hebrew Language, Which Became Jeshua In The English Language And Jesus Due To Corruption, After Which Jesus Christ Was Also Called By The Name Of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ Was Born In The City Of Bethlehem In Palestine In 4Th To 6Th Bc. His Mother'S Name Was Maryam And Father'S Name Was Yusuf.

After The Birth Of Jesus Christ, His Parents Migrated To Egypt To Save Jesus Christ From The Tyrannical King Herod Of Bethlehem. Read Ahead