Tomorrow Belongs To Us Episodes Franck Violently Attacks Sandrine

Paula Carol
Paula Carol
Tomorrow Belongs To Us

A few days ago, Franck made his debut in Tomorrow belongs to us. Sandrine has no confidence in him at all and will soon be threatened. Please note, the article contains spoilers.

Franck (Franck Sémonin) is a very mysterious man in Tomorrow belongs to us. Morgane’s brother recently arrived in Sète and the latter is very generous with his family.

First, the latter offered many gifts to those around him. Then, he lives in a very beautiful villa and offered Anne Marie, Sandrine’s mother, to move in with him. The two characters seem to be living a love affair and not everyone likes it.

Sandrine has a hard time understanding Franck and finds him strange in Tomorrow belongs to us. So, she wanted to talk to Morgana about it several times, but the teacher refuses to listen to her. So, Arthur’s mother appealed to Anna.

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Anna is back in Sète and investigates Franck. The journalist seems to unearth some nasty secrets and this could end up endangering Sandrine.

In the rest of the episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us, Sandrine will believe that Franck has transported a corpse. For her, it is clear that Morgana’s brother is not being honest and could even be a murderer.

Under Anna’s advice, Sandrine goes to the police to talk about it. Karim and Aurore will have to look into this complex affair. Aurore will therefore soon investigate Franck but will find no evidence against him.

However, Sofia’s mother will think that the Lazzari family is in great danger. She will warn Sandrine, but Morgane will refuse to believe her. A gap will start to widen within the couple …

During a dinner, Sandrine will express her many doubts in Tomorrow belongs to us. Franck will have to justify himself and that will not please him. So, a little later, he will talk to Sandrine and threaten her.

If she continues to investigate him with Anna, he will not hesitate to attack those close to him… So, are Sandrine, Arthur, and Victoire in danger? Case to follow!

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