‘Stranger Things’ (Netflix): season 4 will also be the most terrifying

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

The fourth season of Stranger Things is among the most anticipated releases of 2021 and the truth is that there are plenty of reasons for it. Not only because of its status as one of the most successful Netflix original series in the world, but because the new episodes promise to solve many questions that the third installment left pending. Yes, we know that Hopper ( David Harbor) is not dead and that he will return in the new episodes, but what will happen now that Will, Eleven, Jonathan and Joyce have left Hawkins behind to start a new life elsewhere and get away from so much suffering? How will the gang get back together? How much time will we spend in Russia with the former sheriff? How will the threat of the Upside Down World, the Demogorgon, and the Mind Lasher reappear in Season 4?

All these questions and many others will have to be addressed by the new installment of the series developed by the Ross brothers and Matt Duffer for Netflix , which has already been described by its producer Shawn Levy as “the best of all.” Now, the young actor Gaten Matarazzo , the person responsible for playing the charismatic Dustin, has given us an extra reason to look forward to it more than ever: The fourth season will also be the most terrifying.

This is what Matarazzo assures in an interview with US Weekly , in which he also referred to the most anticipated return: that of David Harbor once again in the shoes of Jim Hopper after his character apparently died in the end of season 3. ” I think most of the cast had an idea that he would return, “admits the actor. “Once the script readings started and we started working together, it was completely clear. But it was great to see him.”

Matarazzo isn’t the only cast member who has warned about the terrifying of the new installment of the series. Joe Keery , in charge of interpreting Steve Harrington, also assured this months ago, specifically in May 2020: “It is impressive.

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With the filming of the new episodes underway, it seems that we will have a fourth season of Stranger Things in 2021, but Netflix has not confirmed a release date definitively.

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