Oscar Isaac WillL be Solid Snake In A ‘Metal Gear Solid’ Movie

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

His mythical band on his forehead, later his eye patch, his silenced pistol, his knife. We’ve all suffered more than we should be hiding in a locker or crawling on the floor until the damn alarm goes off on a ‘Metal Gear Solid’. The Solid Snake saga is coming to the movies and his casting choice for the great protagonist could not be more appropriate.

While the video game world wonders who can take on the heavy burden of putting a real face on Joel and Ellie from ‘The Last of Us’, Deadline has just confirmed that Oscar Isaac, known for his work on’ Ex-Machina ‘,’ Inside Lewyn Davies’ 0 the last Star Wars trilogy, will be Solid Snake himself. Hideo Kojima, by the hand of Konami, was the creator of this character and this franchise and we already know that Kojima’s ideas have always had a lot of cinematographic characteristics (you just have to see the cast of his latest game, ‘Death Stranding’, or his frustrating project with Guillermo del Toro ‘). That Solid Snake came to the movies with an adaptation to the height was a matter of time.

Sony has been planning the adaptation for some time but it has not been until now, with the signing of Oscar Isaac for the main role and Jordan Vogt-Roberts (‘Kong: Calavera Island’) when the project has taken true form. The script has already been written by Derek Connolly (‘Jurassic World’).

Kojima and Konami’s first Metal Gear was released on PlayStation in 1998 and featured Snake, a skilled soldier who infiltrates a nuclear weapons facility to prevent a terrorist threat. The video game industry has come a long way in these two decades but, since that first game, if one thing was clear, it was that Kojima’s approach to Snake’s adventure breathed cinema everywhere.

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There is still no production start for the film or release date, so we will have to wait for ‘Dune’ to see Oscar Isaac on screen again. A film in which, by the way, he wears a patch that is most similar to the one worn by the oldest Snake from his latest adventures. The first part of Villeneuve’s film has a scheduled release date of October 1, 2021.

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